Clear Water Outdoor How to Avoid the Swine Flu!
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Posted On:Nov 5 2009 5:19PM

H1N1, Swine Flu, call it what you want.  We call it NASTY!  As part of our ever-present quest to help you enjoy the outdoors, here are some tips on how you can stay out of bed and enjoy more time outdoor.


Step 1:  STAY WARM

This sounds easy enough, but then we see customers come in with no hat; wearing 2 layers of cotton and sporting wet feet.  No no no, this won’t do.  Hopefully you’ve left your cotton socks back in 8th-grade gym class.  But if not, pick yourself up some fine
merino or poly blend socks.  We have tons of them; some on sale so grab a few pairs and keep those toes toasty and dry. After the feet, just work your way up and stick with warm and fuzzy.  We have plenty of Fleece, Merino, and Down pieces for everyone.


Sounds easy enough right?  Wrong!  How many times does someone you know say, “hey can I borrow your lip balm?”?  Absolutely not!  They’re only asking because they know you (as a savvy outdoor person) always carry Badger Balm, the best stuff on the planet.  Just say NO!  If it’s someone you love, just get them a gift certificate to Clear Water Outdoor so they can buy their own.  Or, keep a couple extra ones around, they’re cheap and fit everywhere.  It’s also a good idea to carry AMK Wipes.  Totally portable, and your best defense against nasty gas pumps and grocery carts.  It’s also not a good idea to kiss strangers, but hopefully that is the one thing you remembered from 8th grade.


Don’t skip meals, it weakens the immune system and slows your metabolism, which makes you???  COLD!  We’re all on the go, which is why they invented healthy snack bars!  And no, we’re not talking about candy bars that will spike your blood sugar, we’re talking seriously healthy snacks.  They burn slowly over time, kill the hunger pains, and most importantly keep your body functioning at peak performance.  Check out the great options from ProBar and Honey Stinger, seriously good stuff.


The holidays are coming, and people flood to the stores… complete with used lip balm, cotton socks, and hands that were just making out with the gas pump.  Did you know everything we carry in the store is also available at  It’s true!  And just like the store, if you see something you need but want a different size/color we can special order it for you right on the spot, just give us a call.  And Bill, who packs all the orders, has hygiene like the boy in the bubble.  Seriously, his whole area is the cleanest in the entire store.  We’d offer to show you, but he would freak out and start spraying sanitizer yelling, “germs!!!! GERMS!!! They’re getting in!!!!”.  So everything he sends is 100% clean.  Well, maybe not 100% because nothing ever is, which is why Step 1 is… Step 1. 

Step 5:  LOOK GOOD

It is complete superstition that well-dressed people get sick less often, but we at Clear Water Outdoor believe it!  We think the swine flu is intimidated by good-looking people and thus chickens out and chooses someone else.  So get the numbers in your favor and dress yourself in swine flu protecting clothing from Clear Water Outdoor!  That way, even in the off chance that swine flu does manage to strike, you’ll hear people say, “To bad you have the flu, but holy schmoly you look great!”. 


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