Motivated Moms Hibernate or Activate
Posted By:Heather Nelson
Posted On:Jan 25 2011 12:17PM

It seems I find myself debating with me on a daily basis about this bout of bitter cold. I keep swaying to “hibernate”, “hibernate”, while in the backdrop, another part within me says, “Activate, Activate”.
This week I found myself facing the same crux. Standing at the Redbox with eager children awaiting their desired selection for a kick back cozy night at home, I discreetly peered around the man about to check out the movie my little people were seeking. Simultaneously my youngest piped up to the tune of, “Mom, do they have it (naming the movie)? I can’t wait!”. Knowing he was hearing the whole inquiry process, since his eyes darted to the side at my child and back to the screen, as if hoping to not be discovered as the man who took away a child’s expectation for delight, and appearing as if he was almost caught red-handed, I decided to put him at ease by bringing some humor to the situation. I said to my child, “well, it looks like it might be taken for the night buddy, and I looked at the man and laughed, ‘how could you?’ The man tried to reassure me that there might be another one yet available. He told my child he promised to bring it back the next day, and that he had kids hoping for the same movie at home. I laughed and told him we’d survive, no worries, telling my little guy we could try to nab it then. To my joy, my child did not crumble to tears. In an enjoyably appeared turn of events and a reward to my child’s patience, there was actually another one in the big red box! 

Should we have fallen apart if our desired mental distraction and excuse to hibernate in the bitter negative temperatures was not available? I could see it now, “Desperate for a little reprieve, Mom launches at the man who takes a night’s relaxation away from her and her devastated children”.  It’s just a movie…and a night indoors in the warmth.
While we appreciated to have some kick back time, the next night we acted in rejection of complete hibernation, and made our way to some indoor activity at the Whitewater Aquatic Center. After an alternatively active outing, my children fell asleep, happily exhausted at the end of a bitter cold night.
So, while we can (and should) appreciate the whipping wind hideaway and reprieve, curled up at home, it’s a great family night getaway to be indoor active, even if requiring some blasts of cold, in the process of getting there. Most areas have a local “Y” to drop into as a family, or some form of an indoor center to access as a family. For the days of less challenging weather, or even when you are geared up for the elements, cross-country ski or snowshoeing is the next best alternative.  
My conclusion, therefore, on whether to activate or hibernate for the winter, is………. neither. I will aim to do a wee bit of both. Because it is great to have the sensation of cold, to be alive and to use our able bodies, and not give in to the beastly bitterness of it all, but on other days, it sure is good to fall into some rest, relaxation and reprieve, indoors….
To a balanced bitter season for us all….


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  •  Posted By: Heather Nelson
     Posted On: Jan 28 2011 12:03PM 
    Anne, :)
    I am so excited to hear this was an encouragement for you. There is a time, place, and season for everything. Cuddles are good and not to be overlooked at anytime! :) These are the days to treasure at each turn. Glad to hear from you, and let me know if there is any topic you want to hear about, and I'll hop to it. Kayaking...we could sit in one with blankets on a snowbank and roast or maybe an indoor swim night would be fun! Enjoy your days, mama...
  •  Posted By: AnneL
     Posted On: Jan 27 2011 1:22PM 
    I finally made it to your blog! This is wonderful! Just what I needed today; I feel like I should get A and I out doing stuff to enrich her life, but with the snow, I also want to just cuddle up with her and stay warm.
    How are you doing? I didn't have the internet for months which is why I'm so delayed in getting to your site. But I will definitely be checking on it often; you write so well and I am always looking for new ideas for A and I to do.
    Take good care, Anne
    p.s. once it gets warmer we'll have to set up a kayaking night!
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