Clear Water Outdoor Green Exercise Can Improve Your Mind, Body and Spirit
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Posted On:Aug 17 2011 9:18AM

Outdoor fitness has been proven to lift your spirit and boost your mood.

You don't have to be a hardcore outdoor enthusiast to understand just why so many people love getting outside and soaking up the outdoors. Not only is it a great way to break up your daily gym routine and see some new sites, but the beautiful scenery and natural sounds can be a wonderful backdrop to your invigorating workout routine.
On top of this, there is an endless list of outdoor activities that are available to those who need a break from treadmills and dumbbells, especially during the summer months. For example, for those who enjoy escaping deep into the depths of nature, there is mountain climbing, hiking, bike riding or running. However, for those who prefer to splash it up in the water, sports such as surfing, kayaking, paddle boarding and canoeing offer a great way to get some wet water activity into your fitness routine.
However, if these reasons still aren't convincing enough for you to break out your athletic shoes and head outside into the summer sunshine, what if we told you that outdoor workouts can actually improve your overall mind, body and spirit? Well, it's true!
Recent studies have found that "green exercise"--physical activity that is performed outside in the presence of nature--can actually decrease a person's risk of mental illness and improve their overall sense of well being. So, as if you needed another reason to soak up these last few weeks of sunshine and summertime, it may actually improve your health in the long run.
Many people have always known that exercise can create feelings of happiness and improve your attitude. This is because when we exercise, endorphins are released into our brain, lifting our spirits and lightening our mood. However, recent studies in Britain have concluded that, with the added addition of exercising outside among nature, many people experienced a greater feeling of revitalization and positive energy. In turn, this lead to a decrease in feelings of tension, confusion, anger and depression.
These same participants also reported that they found greater enjoyment and satisfaction from exercising outdoors, as opposed to indoor exercise, and were much more likely to repeat the activity at a later date.
And the best part about the benefits of green exercise? Most of these positive effects were reported after as little as five minutes of outdoor fitness--just long enough to fit some exercise in during your lunch break or before you head into the office.
While exercising for longer than just a few minutes is important for reaping significant health benefits such as weight loss and muscle development, it's still nice to know that a quick walk around the park or short bike ride in your neighborhood can notably improve your mood.
Be sure to take advantage of these last few weeks of summer weather and get outside to participate in some green exercise. Not only will you heart and health thank you, but going green will also prove an added mood and self-esteem boost that will considerably improve your day. Happy exercising!
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