Clear Water Outdoor Get Wet And Wild In The Water (But Keep Your Valuables Dry!)
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Posted On:Aug 8 2011 10:25AM

Tips for keeping your accessories dry when you head to the beach.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of exercising outdoors is the fact that you are surrounded by gorgeous, breath-taking views of nature. Whether you spend your weekends on the water, in the woods or on the mountains, there is no shortage of Kodak moments for outdoor enthusiasts-- the view of the wilderness from thousands of feet in the air, a beautiful sunset across the surface of the lake.
However, nothing can ruin your wonderful waterside photo opportunity more than an accidental slip of your camera... right into the water below.
Many people have experienced a similar "oops" moment before-- A cell phone that slips out your pocket, right into the toilet. A camera that comes in contact with an open canteen of water. However, when you're in the middle of the wilderness, the last thing you want is your camera to bust, or even worse, have your main line of communication sitting at the bottom of the river.
Despite the fact that you may be "extra careful" with your valuables, you can't always predict those unforeseen moments. Even the most experienced outdoor enthusiasts have been caught in the rain with their gear or had a kayak capsize in the lake.
Luckily, there is a vast selection of waterproof gear available for athletes who love their water sports. By taking proper precautions, weather you're heading out in rain or shine, you can make sure that your gear stays dry in every type of situation-- even if you don't.
For Your Lunch:
Nothing is worse than going to grab your lunch after a long morning of paddling, only to find out that you now have a super soggy sandwich. (Not exactly what you had on the menu, huh?) If you are looking for a watertight protective case for all of your healthy munchies, the MSR Seal Pak may be just what you need. This versatile waterproof lunch bag not only comes with a waist belt and shoulder strap for easy carrying, but it also features a protective roll-down closure to keep the water far away from your food.
For Your Electronics:
Your water activities will be much more enjoyable knowing that your electronics are being kept safe from the elements of nature. The MSR Electronic Case is a popular waterproof bag that allows for complete use of your phone or camera, while also keeping it dry and clean with it's completely submersible SealLock closure.
Another great option for your electronics is DryCASE. This clear bag comes with a hand pump that allows you to expel all of the air from your bag, creating a vacuum seal around your electronics that makes the bag completely waterproof.
For Your Tunes:
If you're someone who enjoys to rock out on the trail or on the water, the DryCASE Sport-Belt is a great waterproof option for you MP3 player. The simple waistband slips on like a belt, attaching through the back of the DryCASE. If you want to be extra safe about waterproofing your gear, DryCASE also makes DryBUDS-- waterproof headphones that can be used up to 10 feet underwater.
Buying protective waterproof equipment for your valuables is a great way to ensure that you won't have any mishaps or "oops" moments when you are pursuing your outdoor adventures. While swimming in the ocean or jumping into a lake may be one of your favorite parts of water sports, your electronics may not feel the same. Make sure you protect them from the elements before you head out into the waves.

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