Clear Water Outdoor Full Moon Paddle
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Posted On:Aug 12 2009 11:21AM

As most of you know, Thursday was the full moon.  We decided last minute to organize a Full Moon Kayak Paddle.  Even with the short notice, about five people managed to make the trip (become a fan on Facebook or Twitter to get these quick updates).  We met at the store around 8:30 and loaded up with the following:

Destination:  The Schuster Pier for bonfire and Smores!!!
We set out on what was probably one of the most beautiful nights this summer.  The moon hadn’t managed to break free of the clouds yet, but there was plenty of light to see where we were going.  It was one of those nights when Geneva Lake is mirror smooth, and it’s so quiet that you’d think you were in the Boundry Waters.  If you’ve never kayaked at night, you’ve got to try it.  Come see us for info on how to do it safely.

Everyone knows kayaks glide through the water, but when it’s that smooth, it’s like perpetual motion.  At night you can lose perspective on the shoreline and weather or not you’re actually moving, but as soon as you drag a paddle or stick your hand in the water it’s amazing how fast you’re still gliding.  We paddled to the narrows in the company of teams of bats that would dart between us and overhead scooping up the bugs. Bill thought they were after his Tecate.

Right about the time we reached the narrows we could see a fire starting up all the way across the lake.  Then POOF up went the bottle rocket Sarah used to signal the fire was ready.  The paddle across the open water seemed to take forever because we couldn’t measure progress the same as in the day time.  It was so gorgeous out that I don’t think anybody minded; we could have paddled like that all night.

Once at the pier we pulled the boats up on shore, unloaded the supplies, and set up the Smore buffet.  Tecate goes great with Smores.  We laughed, enjoyed the fire, and talked about how luck we all felt to live in such a great place.  Out of wood, chocolate, and beverage, it was time to head back.  All the clouds had left the sky and it was so bright that you could almost read a book by the moonlight.  We had a jolly ol’ time on the way back talking about our plans for the rest of the summer, and the Apostle Island trip we’re wanting to do in September.  Brian was practicing his edging (when you lean a kayak slightly over and it turns on a dime).  This quickly turned into horsing around as Dave and Brian started cutting through the water chasing each other.  Dave, being the instructor and jedi master of all things paddle, quickly caught Brian and introduced him to the patented Schuster-ninja kayak flip move.  I won’t go into how to do that here, you’ll have to come have Dave show you.  But, it involves the bow of one kayak and the stern of the other... and is highly effective.  Not going down without a fight, Brian took Dave with him.  Ok, truthfully this was dumb luck on Brian’s part but it resulted in both Kayaks going over… SPLOOOOSH!!!  Dave rolled back up without missing a paddle stroke and was back in the fight.  Brian flopped around a few times (he’s still working on his roll) before Dave came to the rescue and helped him back up.  Everybody stayed in their boats and came up laughing and splashing… that’s what it’s all about.  Brian practiced his roll a couple more times and donated his Sigg bottle to the lake gods before we all decided it was time to head in.  It was apparent again that the right gear makes all the difference as lights still worked, clothing quickly dried, and cockpits stayed water-free. 

Back at the Gearage we wiped everything down, laughed ‘till our faces hurt, and all headed home.  What a great night.

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  •  Posted By: Brian Waspi
     Posted On: Aug 25 2009 9:24AM 
    The pictures on facebook are funny. I think my eyebrows got singed.
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