Clear Water Outdoor Four Tips For Keeping Warm During Winter Activities
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Posted On:Jan 12 2012 2:50PM

How to keep yourself warm and cozy during out outdoor winter adventures.

When many people think about the weather during the winter season, several different words can come to mind, depending on what type of person you are. For outdoor enthusiasts, it could be snowboarding, adventures or sports. For kids, it may be sledding, snowball fights or ice skating. However, no matter what your favorite winter activity may be, there is one winter word that many people--no matter what type of activity they enjoy--often use to describe the weather during January: cold.
It is no secret that the winter months offer the very coldest days of the year. Between snow showers, ice, frost and freezing winds, it is enough to make even the most die-hard of outdoor enthusiasts wish they were bundled up at home in front of their warm fireplace.

However, the winter doesn't have to be as cold and frigid as many people make it out to be. With the right amount of preparation and knowledge, you can prepare yourself for whatever cold, winter weather may present itself to you during your winter activities. After all, wearing the wrong kind of winter gear can not only make your outdoor activity less enjoyable, but it could transform it into a wet, chilly and even dangerous ordeal.
To help you learn how to stay warm, dry and comfortable during all of your outdoor winter pursuits, we have put together four tips that will prepare you for the weather, whether you are looking to stay warm while out on a walk, standing at the bus stop, or enjoying your favorite outdoor winter sport.
1. Layer Your Clothing
Dressing in layers will help to ensure maximum protection from the cold and will keep you prepared for any temperature changes that you may face. For your first layer, start with soft fabrics against the skin that will wick swear away from your body. Next, layer on a top a light weight, warm layer such as a vest or sweater. Finally, top it off with a jacket that is insulated and provides protection against water and wind for maximum protection.
2. Warm Up Your Stomach
Believe it or not, but your body actually generates heat as it burns the fuel that you have fed it. Therefore, eating foods that are high in fat content and calories will not only help warm your soul on a cold day, but it will also keep your body warm as your stomach burns up your calories.
3. Wear Protective Winter Gear
Some of the most important accessories for any outdoor activity are gloves at a hat. These essential outdoor additions will not only help to keep you warm and cozy, but they will trap in heat and promote circulation throughout the rest of your body. Also, if you are able to, wear mittens instead of gloves. Because the heat generated from your fingers is shared in mittens, it will keep your hands warmer than having your fingers stuck in a tunnel of fabric.
4. Stay Dry
The most important key to staying warm when you are out in the winter weather is to stay dry. Moisture is a killer in cold temperatures. Therefore, make sure that your base layer is made of a material that will wick sweat away from your body so that you do not become sweaty. This will cause your body to become chilled faster.
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