Motivated Moms Focus to the Finish
Posted By:Heather Nelson
Posted On:Dec 1 2010 10:49PM

It was by what seemed happenstance at the time, but really was just the inevitable waiting to happen, that I discovered and experienced a very physical world example of the effects of the mental state.

I just so happened to be taking my MOMent to do a bit of yoga in the morning. I had taken the measures to provide what my children needed in advance (naturally), trying to ensure that I might get a small dose of “Mom-time”. The warm-ups went great, and believe it or not, I managed to make it through majority of the poses with minimal “interruptions”. 

As I neared the end, I went to work on my yoga headstand, which I have been so proud of, as I’ve been able to more regularly stay in them for 1 minute and counting, with variations. It was as I was starting the balancing pose and my children kept coming in and out of the room, I could stay up merely 3 to 5 seconds, sometimes unable to achieve the balance at all for any length of time. I was frustrated with myself. I realized I had broken my mental focus, though there was no reason to do so, no emergency beckoning at the moment. 

I had lost my concentration and stability by a broken and divided mental state. It was true.  From the body experience, to mind understanding, I now knew the challenge I was facing. A determined frame of mind; one that was fixed on it’s goal, and aware of it’s freedom to move toward that goal, albeit it, with some ripples in the water. I was amazed, as my oldest child stood quietly in the background, watching, waiting, wanting to get a peek at mom accomplishing the yoga headstand that was so fascinating to a child’s curious mind. 

As my child tried not to disturb me, I realized it was only myself that could keep me from reaching my goals at this point, and the allowance I would give to potential distractions. After 1 minute and 10 seconds, I slowly let me feet down, to my child now bursting out, “Wow, Mom!” “That was sooooo coool!” 

We can keep our focus, mamas; sometimes it seems our goals are impossible and unreachable, even the smallest ones, but with a small degree of letting go of the falls, regrouping, and refocusing, we can keep moving on to our best balanced acts yet.

Focusing to the Finish, and learning from the fall,

with you...


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