Kristen's Adventures as a minimalist, Barefoot and Vibram, runner First Snow Run of the Year and first Snow run ever in Vibram Five Fingers
Posted By:Kristen Westlake
Posted On:Dec 5 2010 11:54AM

First snow run of the season and first snow run ever in Vibram Five Fingers ... oh, and a touch of barefoot too!


I've been really really looking forward to the first big snow of the season ... sometimes the first snow takes the form of drizzle or freezing rain mixed with snow, but this snow was wintery picture and running perfect!

I watched the weather report for a few days prior to when the storm was scheduled to dump its powdery white stuff, in anticipation.

Of course I always find joy in adding my first prints to the new snow but this time it was to be particularly interesting. It was for me the 31st season of anticipating the first snow run but the very first season of anticipating my first snow run, running minimally in my Vibram Five Finger Treks.

How would my feet take it? Would my toes be cold? Probably not if they had the chance to get warmed up. But all of this I would not know for sure until I got to try it for real.

So the sky dumped its snow as I dreamt and I awoke to a perfect wonderland of white. My brown KSO Treks took their mark and headed out into the blinding snow highway that blanketed the grass and dirt that I had run just the day before.

My toes were initially cold just as my hands in gloves often are, without the cocoon effect that toes or fingers together gives. But after about a mile my toes responded to the work and warmed up. My feet were nice and toasty with no socks at all.


I love to be the first to put my foot prints in the snow. This year I put both foot and toe prints into the scene!


It was like being a kid playing in the snow. The snow danced up and swirled around as my feet and toes flung its powder with each stride. I couldn't help but giggle with each pounce into the heavy snow. I imagined the coyotes pouncing after mice under the snow. They look like they are having so much fun - a game that I was enjoying as well ... minus the mice!


A coyote pouncing after his prey in the snow ... always looks like they are having so much fun!


The scenery of the first snow was amazing, as it always is. The first snow never fails to awaken my senses as if experiencing the snow, winter air, and sight for the first time ... and yet its comfortable in my visit with it, as if it were an old familiar friend.

When I knew my feet were going to have no issues with being cold I began to imagine actually being barefoot. What would that feel like against the snow? My warm feet running in cold snow ... hmm, what an idea and I was so intrigued as if hungry for trying it. At around 5 miles I took off my Vibrams and took my own dare. Ok, I took my own triple dog dare.

What a sensation! I lasted for about 20 yards and got a little nervous at how incredibly chilling the snow was under and around my feet. I am however, quite certain that my feet would adapt fine and just as the feet get warm with work inside my Vibrams, they would stay warm as they worked in the snow. I am sure I will be testing this theory again  ....

For now, if you hear laughter from the snowy trails, it may just be this crazy running chick who loves to feel her near barefoot feet dance in the snow.

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  •  Posted By: C Haselton
     Posted On: Jan 15 2011 11:20AM 
    Perfect timing! Saw this video just after exchanging the SportTreks I ordered for the next larger size...I ordered them specifically for barefoot running during the Chicago snows we've been having.

    I was/am a little nervous about barefoot running during the winter, so this post was definitely reassuring.
  •  Posted By: Brian Waspi
     Posted On: Dec 24 2010 1:41PM 
    Love the video Kristen!
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