Clear Water Outdoor Father's Day Gift Ideas
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Posted On:Jun 15 2010 2:01PM

Father’s Day Gift Ideas from Clear Water Outdoor

This Father’s Day, we hope to bring our dad’s a respite, a reason to smile, a word of truth to acknowledge how special they are to us.  To honor this person in word or deed is to ultimately bless the heart of a man, strong, gregarious in laughter, smart, persevering, silly, human.  At Clear Water Outdoor, we embrace the differences of each person we encounter, and for this special day, we hope to help you find something to make your MAN, your DAD, your MENTOR, your FRIEND, smile.  We know that honoring a Father comes in all packages, so let us help you box up a bundle of fun and adventure, or schnazzy goods.
Gift Ideas for Your Man

If your idea of a Father’s Day celebration is a weekend away with your man….we recommend the BEAST
boxer briefs and singlet.  This undergear will keep your man cool, even if the night heats up.  We enjoy a good laugh about the name BEAST, but we love the technical features of Icebreaker and if your man likes boxer briefs, we think he is sure to like this treat, compliments of New Zealand’s original stud, the Merino Sheep.  He can even trace where his under gear came from with a BAACODE unique to his knockout sustainable and natural under--fun.  Add in a Kelty tent for two  , a Kelty Satellite 30 Degrees Double Sleeping Bag  , topped with a sustenance saver Kelty Pop Duo cooler and you have just what you need for a weekend aimed at technically romantic fun.

Gift Ideas for DAD

Kuhl Kruze Men’s in khaki, Patagonia Duck Shorts in khaki, the Chaco Flip in Army Brown  or the Teva Terra Fi3 in Canyon View Brown (feet preservation to carry child, and all the other things, including you (mom)  from the car).  Add in a pair of Kaenon Baton Sunglasses in Ocean Reef, or the Kaenon Spindle S5 in Antique Copper.  Finally, a St. Moritz Square One Watch  and dad is set to go…

Gift Ideas for a MENTOR
Gift Certificates are avaialble online or in the store.  They can be used for a session on the water, mats, or a visit to the climbing wall! Picture a day outing in a kayak or SUP,  gaining some of his seriously guru-like insights while out on the water----this could be a philosophical extravaganza!!!  Yoga is available at the store for some mental focus and refuel time---so he can keep on giving that great guidance after his mind takes a deep breather.  Or combine two of our store faves: yoga and paddling.  A good book for more mental reprieve and a physically rejuvenating outing…I mean, how badly do you want that wisdom?  Rather, how seriously do you want to bless your mentor! 

Gift Ideas for a FRIEND 

Let’s just think fun here!  Frisbees,
games , or a hammock to chill in and laze the day away.  Any of these can be topped off with a greeting card from Rock On.

To close it out, here are some fun, free ideas for you and your family:
  • Pack a lunch and head to your local State Park.
  • Bring dad lemonade on the chaise lounge, some shades, a bit of sunblock, and a homemade card made with a variety of household items that remind you of dad (the ever-creative, traditional magazine word cutout card)
  • A late night out in the backyard with some non-toxic mosquito repellant, a star guide, some hot tea, cocoa, or anything dad likes, blankets, and a camera (for some flash-blasted family shots to remember how much fun we know you’re gonna have)…maybe some classical, reggae, folk, or rocking music for backdrop fun….whatever dad digs is the best.
  • Frisbee, a home made game, charades, family handprint painted canvases (yes, you must cover the WHOLE canvas in paint handprints- maybe footprints too  put on your names or letters for your names) Please send us an example of your work to info(at)
Whatever you decide have a great time this Father's Day and enjoy the outdoors!

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