Posted By:Laura Luksich
Posted On:Mar 24 2010 4:02PM

This post is about questions I’ve heard recently:

How do you make your training plan?
Training is all about scheduling and staying motivated.  I’m creative in training plans, but I usually like to check out a few “I know this works” training plan websites to be sure I’m on the right track.   I do a little web surfing and mesh the plans into one big schedule.   It’s a pretty hectic schedule, with a full time 8-5 job, twin boys that have the energy levels of little Energizer Bunnies, my husband’s training plan (Aaron - a teacher and track coach with his schedule full of practices and meets), all while making sure to fit in family dinners and plenty of play time. 

What mileage are you at?
Brooke and Kouba came up with our long run schedule back in January.  We were sure to hover around 18-20 miles for a while for all those “just in case” weekends when we have sick kids, vacations, or unwilling legs.

Long Run Schedule:
Jan – March: built up to 14 miles
March 28: 16
April 11: 18
April 25: 20
May 9: 20
May 23: 22
June 6: 24
June 20: 26
June 27: Olympic distance triathlon (Brooke and Kouba are running a half marathon)
July 10: 50K

How do you fit it all in?
Weekly Schedule:
Sunday: Long trail run - 8am
Monday: Recovery spinning class - 5:30am
Tuesday: 50-70 min run – 6pm
Wednesday: Group Power class – 5:45 am + 20-30 minutes of cardio
Thursday: Off –or- 30-50 min run – 6pm
Friday: Off – or- swim – 8:30pm (yes, it makes for very exciting Friday nights)
Saturday: Group Power or Centergy (Pilates + Yoga) class – 10:15am – or long bike ride – or evening swim at 7pm

I’m also a sub for spinning classes at Superior Athletic Club.  This week – I teach twice, three times next week, and once on April 5.  I try not to alter my schedule when I’m subbing, I look at it as added cardio time.

Do you ever get burned out?
There are many times where I’d rather put my feet up and take a nap.  My workout time is me time.  I remind myself of how I feel after the first five minutes of getting warmed up.  How great it clear my mind of work, crying children, and open my eyes and look at the beautiful valley I live in.  That usually is enough to get me out the door.

I know it really helps me to see my plan in writing.  Feel free to share any training plans you may have – for any race.  I love seeing how other people train for things and any tips on how to fit things in!

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  •  Posted By: Laura Luksich
     Posted On: Mar 26 2010 12:51AM 
    Hi Dave! Thanks for the great advice. I'm hoping to start upping my evening runs to more of 90 minutes plus in the next week or two. I call the training my LSD days. Long-Slow-Distance. I think you are exactly right about keeping in tune with your body and making sure your heart rate doesn't spike too high. .... although it is very hard and time consuming. It will all pay off in the end! Great option for the long bike rides too.
  •  Posted By: David Schuster
     Posted On: Mar 25 2010 5:53PM 
    I have always trained for events that are two hours or less (bike, run, tri), so I went into research mode to prepare for the SOB 50k. I spoke to mentors, found articles in Trailrunner, read a couple of old cycling books, and tallied up the info in my head. I decided to retrain my body to be an efficient fat burner! The old school method of long slow distance applies to this method. The lesson I learned is: if I keep my heart rate low (a little different number for everybody depending on age and current fitness level) and train for longer periods, then increased fat burning will develop. I delved into the science and that calls for more time, but very interesting. So, I have been doing very slow workouts that are over two hours long. I have been alternating with my road bike, because the runs were longer than I have ever ran. I can only do two of these runs per week, but I will continue to extend the duration. It takes a lot of patience, I sometimes have to walk hills to keep my heart rate low enough. Thanks for your info, please tell Aaron "hello", and hugs all around!
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