Motivated Moms Fall Fun With The Family
Posted By:Heather Nelson
Posted On:Sep 11 2010 11:53PM

I still can’t believe how quickly summer has turned and we are breaking the layers out of the closet and armoires. Refusing to let go of the spirit of summer, and seeking to make the most of the days before blizzarding, I am left thinking of all the ways I can embrace the season of change. 
I had the blessing of heading through some of the landscape of Kettle Moraine today. The foliage changed so quickly and open fields with scattered trees turned into tall pines and dense trails. While I realized I may need to revisit with another family and a GPS or compass in hand, it was hard not to break out and hit some trails right away. It is going onto my fall fun to-do! Thinking of how it may not always be easy to arrange a deeper trail venture, I reminded myself there are smaller, more manageable parts of the lake path in Lake Geneva, should one need a simpler and more populated option.  I should say at approximately 22 miles, the full trail is not wimpy, so do not be misled.  In the need to be attentive to the path, time, snacks, and energy required, you can plan for your small or bigger excursion at
I also think of the traditional lusciously colored, harvest-red apple bobbing in the shallow wooden barrel as the days cool off. I imagine the cool night laying blankets on a tarp, as the mosquitos’ season takes a dive, watching the night sky and constellations roll by as we spin in our glorious, and shockingly humble orbit, awed by the simplicity and weightiness of gravity! What an amazing time of year we have, and it is surely no reason to lock ourselves indoors and throw away the key. These are the quiet times, when taken, that we can truly engage with family and friends.  Some of my favorite memories growing up are nights like these. I’m ready to run outside now! 
Another simple, contained, yet eluding, outdoor fun is found within corn mazes. I remember adventuring my way through some in my teenage years. It’s just as fun as an adult and the kids love it. If the bugs come a bitin’ I’ve found a jungle strength solution to help ward off those blood-devouring enemies. 
For a meditative, mind and perspective-transforming freebie, avoid putting on those socks and shoes on a cool morning and substitute romping around barefoot in the backyard dew. Lying down in the grass, and on eye level, take a moment to see the world differently at the start of the day; fresh, alive, bounding over in newness, and committing to making it the best I, mom, can on earth for one day.  I am just starting with today, and reaching for it today.  Dew it with the kids or on your own before they climb out of bed. 
Mom’s, you are the world to your children. Families are a foundation of our society. Let’s make it a better one simply by embracing the experience of the world we live in, the wonderful children and people we’ve been so blessed to have in our lives, and the amazing surroundings we live in. Not only are we always reaching, let’s encourage our children to keep reaching. There is so much outside the four walls of our homes, houses, fences, and boundary lines to be enjoyed….fresh air to breathe, the smell of the cool, the feel of the harvest season. Soon the leaves will escape us gasping at their fall. Seize those turning MOMents. 
Loving the journey, embracing the smallest MOMent, richly blessed,
Your fellow mama,

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