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Posted By:Heather Nelson
Posted On:Oct 17 2010 9:11AM

Do you ever feel like life as a mom requires you to be a blurbologist, an ever-repetitive one-minute wonder woman, a non-stop ninja that sometimes just can’t kick high enough? In the midst of trying to rise early and stay up late, do you try to snag a small moment here and there that actually is just purely for mom’s renewal? How do you care for you? 
It is true that, realistically speaking, our mom minutes are sometimes bite-size, but if we don’t take some time for ourselves, the daily routine can become quite bedraggled. And truly, the heavier things weigh in on the life scale, the greater of import it seems to protect and implement rich doses of renewal.
For me, as the warm days are dwindling further, I am soaking in all I can of getting outside with the fewest layers weather allows.  As a means of time for me, and as a method to make myself a bit healthier, I have been implementing a routine of yoga and running, and adding in small dance sessions at home with the kids. Initially, this presented more challenges. I had a child who wanted to jump on my back and aid me with extra weight to press in Plank and Chatarunga, and wanted to army-crawl and hop around under my Downward Facing Dog. Obviously, not working! Though I tried to keep a sense of humor and be playful, bottom line this would not help me acquire my fitness goals very easily, and definitely broke the yogic “ahhhh” concentration!
 I am pretty convinced that in order to maintain ourselves as moms, we truly have to be perpetually creative in how we approach things, and it thoroughly requires the stretch of not giving up and not giving in (for too long). The way works and looks different for each of us, considering our number of children, parenting with a partner or going it solo, and our fellow-parent/friend network. It can depend on whether we have a relative to care for our children, or whether we are at home with our children full-time. Some even have nannies!!! Even those moms, though, believe it or not, can require some “mom-time”; we all do! The same goes for each of us as to what works for us physically, and what fits with our family. 
For me, I was not going to give up, thus what brought on the creative challenge-hopping process. I was considering biking. First, I would have to invest in a bike (lol)- I cannot believe I don’t have one. It would need gears, I would likely at some point need the pull-behind cart or kiddo-seat, as I realized I would not be able to do this with all of my children biking all the time. Then I realized I would probably fall over on my bike for lack of speed, equaling no workout/outlet for mom. Then I thought, well, seems reasonable; I’ll run, the kids can bike! Well, my youngest kept wanting to stop and drink water from the Camelbak, merely for the entertainment factor of the tube/bendy-straw-like contraption. Then it proceeded to “Moooommmm, caaaarrry meee!”. Well, let’s just say mom can’t run very successfully, very far carrying a 40-something pound child, let alone pulling along the now abandoned bike and helmet! Forget it. We changed to water bottles for each, Camelbak for mom. Still stopping.   I decided to modify again. Now to the oldest still on bike, and the younger rider in a double-jogging stroller, which I thought I had finally been able to abandon. Not yet. However, success it is!!! And a routine has started. And it includes yoga at home, indoors, but preferably outdoors in the grass when possible. Indoors, my eldest can jump in on a session with me, and I can set the little one up with loads of puzzle projects, and voila, 50 minutes of yoga! Sometimes I definitely rise early for the yoga. But, believe it or not, I just accomplished a 56 second yoga headstand with variations, unassisted at home yesterday! Yeaaaah!!! This started off as small bites. When I can, I hit the trail on my own outside. Even if I can do this one time a week for an hour, it is amazing how much one can breathe outside, well, so long as you are not majorly allergy-ridden at the moment!  And I got a small taste of my MOMent on my own several days ago at
Big Foot Beach State Park.
And, let me tell you, moms, when you see your child like this on the trails outdoors, with the sun shining “just so” on them, and you have that MOMent to breathe it in, IT IS GOOOOOD…  

And when they come home smiling and saying “this was the best day eeever”, let me tell you (if you haven’t heard it), it is even better! We all need the outlet. And the children love to use that energy and explore the nature all around them. We still have an amazing world outdoors to engage with, so shut off that laptop, and let’s jump OUTSIDE with our kiddos. 
Extra Credit: if you have extra space in a stroller you are pushing, or an unused stroller, and know a mom outnumbered with children, offer for her to come for a run or nature walk, and push some of her children in your stroller!!!
Have a great day outdoors!
One Motivated Mama,

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  •  Posted By: Heather Nelson
     Posted On: Oct 31 2010 8:03AM 
    oh, and I took the pic. on one of my runs there. Beautiful it was....
  •  Posted By: Heather Nelson
     Posted On: Oct 31 2010 8:02AM 
    Fooor sure. Check out the image added in from Big Foot Beach State Park. Hasn't it been a beautiful season to enjoy the outdoors with our families? Know the children are loving leafpile jumping this year! :) A lasting, great outdoor memory for me while I was growing up. I even have the pictures to prove it, but I don't even need's still impressed on my mind. :)
  •  Posted By: Trudi Nelson
     Posted On: Oct 24 2010 4:12PM 
    Our children are such a gift from God, that to take this special time with them, and for them is so special and important in this world where everything is constantly hustle and bustle.
  •  Posted By: Trudi Nelson
     Posted On: Oct 24 2010 3:50PM 
    :) Loved it!
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