Fashionable Adventures Dry Case Review
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Posted On:May 16 2011 6:33PM

Keeping electronics dry is such an important part of the active athlete's life. From swimming and paddling to running in the rain, every athlete needs that vital accessory close in case of an emergency. There are a variety of cases already out on the market which will keep your electronics safe. However, they tend to be large and bulky dry sacks or plastic containers. Using either of these two items does not allow a comfortable run or swim as you always have to hold on to it, and that can be a pain! Not anymore... there is a new contender on the market with a great product that we are proud to carry for the second season, Dry Case.

Dry Case is great because there are different sizes for the different electronic devises that you may want to carry with you on your next adventure or paddle across the lake. We carry the standard size that fits cameras and most phones, including the iPhone and many Droids. The difference is that Dry Case uses a vacuum seal to waterproof your gear. This means that since air cannot get in neither can water!

Each case has a variety of features that range from a lanyard to a port for earphones (which I must say is great for listening to your iPod and knowing that you don't have to be extra careful)! They also make special
ear buds which are completely submersible and waterproof.

Additional features of the
standard case include a buoyant armband to allow for personal transporting when storage or space isn't an option. If an armband isn't for you, Dry Case also offers a hip belt. You can also take pictures with your phone or camera through the flexible crystal clear paneling!

So are you asking yourself yet "Well how does it work?" Here's how... (courtesy of
1.) Slide in your device – Twist the clasps outward to open the DryCASE, and then simply slide in the device that you would like to protect.
2.) Lock the closure shut – Twist the clasps inward to close and lock the DryCASE. Position your device how you would like to use it inside the DryCASE. When you remove the air creating a vacuum it will secure the device in place.
3.) Pump out all the air – Simply squeeze the pump until you have removed all the air and can’t pump it any more. After you have removed all the air the DryCASE should be tightly sealed around the contents inside and the pump should be completely flat. You can now remove the hand pump and place the safety cap on.

Dry Case is continuing to build their brand presence on the market and they are also getting some help with some big time gear reviews from ESPN. Read their review by
clicking here. Also check out this video that shows just how great of a job the Dry Case does with an Apple iPad.

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