Motivated Moms Creatively Approaching the Crispy Cold Days with Children
Posted By:Heather Nelson
Posted On:Nov 7 2010 7:15AM

With each new blast of cold as a cruel reminder of more bitter days ensuing, I am still exploring this concept of acceptance and what I want my days to look like with my children. Shall we hide away in fear of the weather, or will we venture forth with more layers and a willingness to run around and play some kickball in the frosty, crunchy-cold grass?
With an extra layer of thick wool socks underneath our warm boots, we shouldn’t have to be tapping our toes to keep them warm and reminding the blood to flow. When it’s extra chilly inside, we can break out a hot water bottle, bury it in some blankets we are cozied in, and drink up some minty, white hot cocoa, enjoying another incentive to get outside; the appreciation of the return to the comforts we have and take for granted. Though my toes are cold right now (literally), just the thought of it warms me up a bit.
I think of stopping and recognizing the sensation of cold, feeling it as I breathe it in, and appreciating the Rudolph noses and the ruddy cheeks, like those of the Scotsman that taught me how to chop wood from logs that were drifted ashore by the ocean’s tides and the moon’s contribution.
How amazing that red cheeks and our own visceral experience of life and people, and weather, bring us to the movement of the earth and gravitational pull, and all I can come back to in my mind is the thought of putting on that wooly warm hat that covers my ears with it’s earthy and reminders-of-home-like pattern, that makes me think of sitting by a warm fire, inside or outside.
So, as the days become shorter, and the air becomes cooler, albeit bitter(!!!) sometimes, shall we hide away? I’m thinking not. I’m thinking it’s good reason to brave up, embrace the air, and seize the moments of sensation and the gift of life with our children, family, and friends.
Seizing the sensations with you,
Just can’t stop the “mothering” NOTE protect your kiddos feet ahead of time with some hefty socks…and please study frostbite and the signs of it, so if it is encroaching, you come back inside for hot cocoa sooner, before it bites you or your loved ones! lol….
Motivated  mom brownie points Don’t forget to do a warm bubble bath for your feet with your kids sometime, while drinking hot cocoa (just for fun and a few giggles). If you set up the buckets in the kitchen, spills won’t be such a big deal, and you’ll create a super fun memory, creatively approaching the colder days…
(Really, if you do this, come see us…we’ll make you brownies, or at least share some with you) 

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