Motivated Moms Contentment At Christmastime
Posted By:Heather Nelson
Posted On:Dec 17 2010 11:35PM

In a season that can be filled with marketing and commercialization, it can be hard to find contentment. In a year where the “downturn in the economy” has been the talk of the town, where do you find your own internal gauge as Christmas is creeping it’s way towards your front door (and living room floor).   I hope this season does not meet you in a daunting fashion, but if it does, I hope to offer a few encouraging words. 
In a season that is about family, faith, hope, belief, friends, and wonder, should we let it be overshadowed with anxiety, worry, stress, or fear? It is an easy thing for a parent to be captivated with concerns of whether they have “enough” under the tree, or whether they will be able to create the look of awe on their child’s face Christmas morning. It’s not always a verbal recognition, but sometimes an internal process and pressure that parents place on themselves.  I have heard it time and time again. 
I am here to remind us all that our children would be happier with our presence, than our presents. They would far more enjoy an outing in the snow with you, than a snow-cone machine (as fun as they are). They would much more treasure a hand-made gift over time, or a personalized shrinky-dink necklace, than a stressed-out mom or dad. 
The time we have here on earth is so short, the people we are surrounded by cannot always remain within our grasp, and so the richest thing we have to offer this holiday season is our love. Love is the one thing that endures….and it is the greatest thing we have to give and receive. 
May you find yourself content to rest in love….
The gift that is free, but comes with great cost sometimes…the gift we are free to receive, and that is given to us freely…
Though all things may pass, love remains….
May we all be free to love and be loved, with contentment and peace…
At Christmastime,
Your Contentment-Sojourning Mama,

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