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Posted On:Jul 22 2010 2:26PM

As the days sizzle on, one of the topics on our daily platter is summer safety. Some of the typical things to think about in the health of our children and ourselves is hydration, water safety, shelter, and skin protection. While the topic of safety is way too broad to touch on briefly, a basic search online leads to quick thoughtful tips on a variety of sites. Moms, this is not the time to torment yourselves with all of the scenarios of “what could go wrong”, but it is a great activity that could provide a parent some quick reminders and key points to pay attention to when we are in the midst of summer fun and the scheduling whirlwind that comes with it. A short planning session and MOMents of thoughtfulness can make a huge impact on our daily activities with our children, and help keep those memorable moments coming.   
In searching on child summer safety, topics ranged in anything from proper Personal Flotation Devices during water play, to safe locations to play hide n’ seek, biking gear, camping equipment and usage, types of water bottles and dehydration issues, wild weather, summer school, camp, and family vacation safety. More topics included chiggers, bees, and mosquito bites, poison oak, skin care, protection for kids in the community,at home, and online, to firework, car/travel, and summertime food safety. Among the leading causes of irreversible consequences are accidents. So let’s prepare the most we can for those little ones we love. 
Great reference points are your child’s pediatrician and the American Association of Pediatrics, the American Red Cross, your local Police Department, to online child safety forums and other parents. Utilize your local Health Departments, Water Safety Patrol, and present lifeguards to be aware of any current or recent water safety issues. Here’s an example of a general thought- provoking safety tip list that can be found in a short Google session.
A resounding theme was to keep hydrated utilizing a stainless steel water bottle, which you can even get in a sippy cup style now.  Hydration is crucial in all contexts; including those summer sports programs, the beach, birthday parties, and the outdoor activities in hot weather so commonly associated with summertime fun. For a little more information on how to deal with the heat and hydration look here.
A rotten burn could turn down the fun thermometer and leave long-term damage, so choosing the coverage that is right for your family and it’s activities is very important. Defenders against a variety of bad burns include sun shelters, sunglasses, sunscreen, and sun hats with UPF, also paying attention to the times of sun exposure and heat index. 
The list could be endless as to making sure your kids have the right helmets, street-conscienciousness, food products, eye protection, first aid kits, bite sticks, allergy response systems, car seat safety, and on and on we could go. I am not a doctor, merely a mom, encouraging other moms and parents to take that reminder MOMent and do a little safety inventory.
Humanity aside, your child’s best protection is your attention. Whether you are in the water or backyard, on the playground or a family hike, at a sporting event or a birthday party, enjoy those munchkins, tweens, toddlers, and wonderful future moms and dads in-the-making. May this be the best, safest summer you’ve had!
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A couple of other lists… 
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Youtube also has a lot of Safe Kids USA testimonial videos, various hospital safety videos for informational purposes, etc.
Red Cross
minus the commercial at the start, some general water safety guidelines
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