Buyer's Corner Buyer's Perspective April 4th
Posted By:Clear Water Outdoor Store
Posted On:Apr 4 2014 5:46PM

 I know I missed last week, so there might be a little bit more on this week’s report, but hang in there.  As I am sure many of you  have noticed, we are starting to get a more steady stream of product into the stores… time to gear up for summer!
I’m not going to touch on any of our bigger brands, but will focus on many of the smaller companies that we received stuff from in the last 2 weeks.
Hippy Tree T shirts came in! These are always a favorite with their witty slogans and fun graphics. Their main slogan is “surf and stone” which refers to both water activities (surf) and things like rock climbing and backpacking (stone).  But in reality, these Ts can appeal to just about anyone.  The shirts come in 2 different fabrications: 100% organic cotton and a blend of 50% cotton and 50% polyester (called vintage).  Beyond Ts we’ve got a few button ups, shorts, wallets, and calendars to round out the assortment. 
Another major T shirt company for us is Locally Grown.  We have a mix of Wisconsin specific, Lake Geneva specific, and Illinois specific Ts for everyone from the baby (onsies!) to grandpa J They make great gifts, and sold really well last summer, which was our first time carrying them. They have a bit of a long turn around process so please keep me in the loop if we are getting low!
We got a fill in order on Injinji socks (toe socks). There are actually a lot of reasons to sell these socks that might surprise you.  They are great for people with Vibrams Five Fingers, especially if one size is too small and the next size up is too big… have them try the bigger size with a pair of socks on, and see how it feels.  Also, if they have a pair that is starting to wear out and feeling loose, suggest a pair of socks to help prolong the life.  But they aren’t just for the Five Finger wearers!! I started using my Injiniji socks while back packing. I’d wear them around camp and at night, and my legs were stronger and feet less tired the next day.  I also wore them when working at a bank and standing on my feet all day. When I wore them, I felt much less tired afterwards.  Try it on the days you are working the floor! See for yourself!
Another cool, but small brand that came in is Badger.  They make all natural and organic balms… everything from lip balm, to sleep balm, to sun screen.  I’ve heard the headache soother is wonderful, and I’ve personally used the sleep balm.  The sunscreen is also consistently rated in the top for effectiveness of blocking all types of rays from the sun.  AND it’s organic and local!
We got a small order of Camelbak product as well.  The bottles are pretty self-explanatory, the only thing to note is that the insulated bottles are NOT intended for hot drinks… only cold.  Camelbak is more so known for their hydration packs (backpack with water bladder).  These packs have all different features, so take time to look at each one, but the biggest thing to take note of is how big the bladder is. It can be a small bag with a 100oz bladder, or a big bag with a 50oz bladder. The bag size does not determine the bladder size, which can be deceiving. The tags call out the size quite well.
Last, but not least, we got in an order for Outdoor Research that included dry bags and compression sacks. They are packaged very nicely, but hard to really tell what’s inside unless you look close, so take some time to see what is in the packages.. 

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