Adventures of Oregon Laura Brooks Adrenaline ASR 6 –a disappointment
Posted By:Laura Luksich
Posted On:May 11 2010 3:55PM

Brooks, what have you done to the ASR’s? 

Don’t get me wrong, the actual shoe is wonderful.  I haven’t slipped on the dusty, rugged trails, and I don’t feel too clunky when I have to run a bit of pavement.  The BioMoGo midsole cushioning is fantastic and my conscience has a little less guilt feeling knowing my shoes will biodegrade in 20 years instead of 1000 (yes, 1000 years for EVA midsoles in a landfill!!!).
In years past, I was proud to show off and brag about my, dry, white socks after a wet and muddy run in my Brooks ASRs.  This also happened to be when I was helping out with coaching a cross-country team.  The moms and the athletes themselves couldn’t believe how my socks stayed clean and dry after numerous rainy, muddy trail runs.  Soon after, half the girl’s team was running in ASR’s.  I had no worry of side-stepping a puddle, running in dewy grass, or cold snow.  My ASR’s always kept my feet cozy and dry.

My "old" ASRs

The ASR 6 – not so much.  One of my first runs out with my new pair of shoes was an early morning run.  I purposely picked a route that includes about a mile of grass and dirt trail.  The grass was dewy, and within a few steps on the trail, my toes were cold and wet.  I didn’t want to believe it.  I started thinking, my toes must be cold, they get so cold so easily, there isn’t any way they could be wet with a little bit of dew on my ASRs.  After my run, I pulled off my socks, and sure enough, they were wet.  Hmmm, maybe a fluke?  It just couldn’t be true.  I did not want to believe my new ASRs let any water in.  I was so desperate to believe this wasn't happening,  I actually convinced myself that maybe…just maybe… they needed a “test run” and after getting wet once, they wouldn’t let any more water come in.

Yes, that is as silly as it sounds and, of course, didn’t prove true.  Brooke, Kouba, and I went running in the rain last night.  We ran about five miles on pavement, trails, fields, and sidewalks.  We started off with a mile or so of pavement and I was pleasantly surprised with my warm and dry toes in the rain.  Then, we hit the trail.  The trail was muddy, had puddles, and was lined with wet grass.  My socks were instantly soaked.  I even purposely stepped in a puddle to see how bad it could get with my supposed “weather resistant” shoes.  After that, I really had wet socks for the rest of the run.
So again, Brooks, what have you done to your ASRs?  Why are my weather resistant shoes letting the weather come in?  Please change them back to years past, when they truly were weather resistant.  Unfortunately, unless a change is made, I will not be buying another pair of Brooks ASRs.  I will miss the comfort, but I am looking for a weather resistant shoe for my rainy, full of puddles, possible snow, dewy morning runs – and this is not it.

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  •  Posted By: Laura Luksich
     Posted On: May 13 2010 1:22AM 
    Hi Anne! I still love Brooks shoes, just not the ASRs anymore. I have a pair of Cascadia trail runners on the way and still do all pavement runs in my Trance's from last year. So, no, you don't need to switch - I think you have the Infiniti's? Just don't go for the ASRs if you're looking for a "weather resistant" trail and pavement runner. Happy running and hope that snow has melted!
  •  Posted By: Anne Lang
     Posted On: May 11 2010 5:23PM 
    Laura-sad to hear about the Brooks! As you know, they are my current fav too! If you switch shoes, does this mean I have to also? What to do??
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