Clear Water Outdoor Bike Safety: How To Choose A Good Bicycle Helmet
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Posted On:Nov 1 2011 12:36PM

Tips for choosing a bicycle helmet that will protect you on the trail.

When we were kids, the brand and choice of our bicycle helmets said a lot about who we were as a person. For instance, boys that wanted to look tough and masculine around their friends typically sported a helmet with images of superheroes and comic book characters. Girls, on the other hand, could show off their poise and fairy tale dreams through helmets that were themed as Barbie or Polly Pocket. No matter what your favorite action figure or character was, when it came to childhood bicycle helmets, your options were limitless.
However, as we grew older and began shifting away from our early childhood bikes, our choice of helmets grew from bright and exciting to relatively simple. No longer do adult bike riders choose to wear their favorite television character or music artist when they are peddling around the trail. Instead, they are stuck with a classic design that relies more on effectiveness and ability, rather than cool-looking graphics.
Luckily, while the helmets may not look as cool as they used to when we were kids, the features that go into a simple blue or black bike helmet can have a major impact on your goals and activities as a bike rider. Plus, many states have actually passed laws that require bikers to wear their helmets all year long in order to help protect you from dangerous riding conditions.
Whether you are an experienced, professional bike rider, or you simply enjoy taking a leisurely stroll around your neighborhood in the morning, we have put together some basic information about bicycle helmets in order to help you get an idea of what you should be looking for in a proper safety helmet.
Before you head out on the trail with your new helmet in tow, be sure to ask yourself these questions in order to ensure that your mind and body are protected:
What Type Of Riding Do You Plan On Doing?
There are several different types of riding that you can do on a bike, from experienced mountain trails to day-long marathons. Most types of bike riding, and their respective helmets, can be broken down into three main categories: sport, road and mountain. Most of these designs have been developed to help prevent bike riders from being uncomfortable and susceptible to impact during a crash. However, it is important that you choose a helmet that is best for your activity in order to ensure that you are receiving the best fit for you.
Which Size Do You Need?
Most sport helmets come in basic, adjustable sizes and shapes. However, you may discover that in certain categories', the size of a helmet is determined by either small, medium, large or extended size. In order to determine which of these is the best fit for you, wrap a tape measure around the largest portion of your head, then measure the length of the string with a straight-edge ruler.
Do You Need Any Accessories Or Add-Ons?
Like with any good piece of sporting equipment, you may wish to add on certain elements and features to your helmet in order to make sure that you are ready to go on your peddling adventure. Consider looking into helmet vents and visors in order to create an airflow that will keep your skin looking cool and fresh, while at the same time shielding your vision from the harmful effects of UV rays.
Once you have answered these three questions and have determined which type of bicycle helmet is best for you, be sure to head on over to our Clear Water Outdoor shop in order to check out the different varieties of makes and sizes we have to choose from.
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