Kristen's Adventures as a minimalist, Barefoot and Vibram, runner Beginning's as a Minimalist - Running in Vibram Five Fingers
Posted By:Kristen Westlake
Posted On:Oct 8 2010 12:01PM

Welcome to my Running Blog at Clear Water Outdoor!  Though this is my first post on this particular blog I've been a blogger for quite some time... I've also been a runner for a long long time, 31 years to be exact! New to me has been the minimalist running style but embrace it I have! 

My first few blogs here are written with the intention to catch you up to where I am currently in barefoot and Vibram adventures. 

I started with a pair of Vibram Sprints on June 24 of this year (2010).  After running in traditional running shoes for all of my running years I was intrigued with the minimalist idea. 
I wrote this on June 24 as I looked forward to running the next day with less weight on my feet: 

I’ve been a runner since age 15.. a trail runner .. thus my LOVE for trails in nature .. and I have always NATURALLY run with the balls of my feet hitting first ( that’s what people call a “toe runner”). So most running shoes have driven me nuts because the cushioning is in the heel, .. um, where a few of us don’t land (and no one really lands there naturally … ) …so these shoes fit like a glove! .. I always wished I could run “feel” the earth beneath my feet! … and we used to run that way a lot more than we do now .. but like most things, we have grown accustomed to a mechanical way of doing things … FiveFingers by Vibram, takes us back to nature.

Even the materials that are used in the very light product are “microshield” technology, which is antimicrobial.. they are machine washable .. hang them dry! .. Hey, I can use these to run trails and cross creeks! .. I am so ooo excited to try these out tomorrow!


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  •  Posted By: Brian Waspi
     Posted On: Oct 11 2010 2:31PM 
    Great post Kristin! Thanks!
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