Motivated Moms Back to School
Posted By:Heather Nelson
Posted On:Aug 21 2010 12:59AM

It is that time and most everyone has bought school supplies or has been getting the last of school year gear. It is a season of change; new intellectual beginnings, fresh clothing, and familial transitions. Families and our children, from tots to teens to twenties, undergo transformations that cause parents to step back and take a mental memory book photograph. We realize we may never get these Moments back, and so we do a freeze frame and capture that look, that feeling, those thoughts. A second that can be filled with appreciation, acknowledgment of the rite of passage, and awareness that our kids are just growing up way faster than we ever could have imagined or expected they would.
So, we do what any parent would do…we help them gather the gear and practical things they need for this new season, we take pictures, we spend a little extra time. And as we send them off with a note or trinket in their lunches, or backpacks, or suitcases, we hope they know just how much we love them and hope to still share their day with them. We wait expectantly to hear all about all their new adventures. I don’t think this ever gets old for a parent. It is always exciting to hear about a new thing our tot or twenty-something learned. To observe their growth and increasing autonomy. To know that as we cheer and encourage them from afar, they gain solidity and confidence in their own abilities and design to grow. It is freeing to young and old to have space to reach and learn...and to have the structure and support of your very own motivational speaker on the home front lines, but waiting quietly in the background trusting and releasing them to test their own wings. 
Once family is out the door of the four walls of what we affectionately term “home”, life also does not stop…It is easy to spend the time away on seasonal reorganization projects (which I will touch on in another blog), decluttering the home, running headlong toward the deadline finish line (for all of those working parents out there), and generally cleaning and preparing for the return of our loved ones (eg: arranging after school sports gear, meal planning, syncing several different family calendars, etc.). This can turn into a period with an amazing amount of familial, spatial, and modular changes. The activities change from hour to hour, day to day, month to month, and person to person.
There is something about this season of preparation and commencement of the new that is so refreshing, though, even when there is change that involves a lot of sentiment and emotion. Some parents feel excited and renewed, and as if they can conquer the world as taskmasters of their own frontier at home…meaning, no one is throwing toys around the place as they clean other parts of the home. Some feel free to pursue things they were prior unable to. Others feel torn between excitement for their college child’s great accomplishment of starting toward advanced education and a committed career of their own, and missing them being closer to home.
One thing that remains the same; is it is a Moment to spend time, to listen, to engage in the change with the ones we love. To help them acquire the things they need to send them off confidently, and remind them that their safe ties at home are always there if they feel sick during the school day, or a listening ear is a phone call away from the college dorm, or a little tie-dye “admirer” note…Sharpie- branded with “Rockstar” in a teen’s backpack will remind them in a cool way that they are the rockstars of your world…no matter what pressures they face at the hallway lockers….
As a Mom, I have heard it a thousand times; once a Mom, always a mom. The older I get, the more I see it is true. It does not change. Once you are a parent who loves your child, it doesn’t matter how old they grow, we still love them and want to bless them with signs of our support and joy in who they are and all they are learning, whether baby steps, fitting puzzles, writing words, coloring storybooks, reading novels, writing essays, finishing a doctoral paper, or watching them teach their own child to read and write. It is a rich blessing to walk this season of change, and this stage of new beginnings….As the leaves intend to turn ahead, may it bring brighter and warmer things….turning to a newly-breath-taking adventure of life, learning, and splashes of color that leave imprints of growth and deeper joy….
To you and yours….
In joy,
From another Motivated Mom,

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