Adventures of Oregon Laura And So It Begins.... Again.
Posted By:Laura Luksich
Posted On:Aug 21 2010 12:16AM

After a much needed rest from planning daily schedules around workouts, running, and cross-training between my husband and myself around our twin 3 year old boys, I’m back at it again.  This time, quite a bit more relaxed.  The phrase, only a marathon, is something I would have uttered sarcastically amongst friends discussing races.  Now, only a marathon is actually popping up in my thoughts with a little more sincerity.

October 17.  The San Francisco Nike Women’s Marathon - the one where you get the Tiffany’s necklace handed to you by firemen dressed in tuxedos as you cross the finish line.  That is our next goal (Brooke, Kouba, and Courtney are all signed up too).  It’s a marathon - a road marathon.  There are no trails, no rocky and uneven surfaces, no snow banks to hop over and slide down, no mountains to climb, no gasping thin air at elevation, no herding cattle, no wandering bear cubs, no mountain lion trails, and the best part, it is 4.87 fewer miles than a 50K.  So, it’s only a marathon.  I can do that.  Did I mention the Tiffany’s?

Since July 10th, the day of the SOB 50K race, I have taught two spin classes, ran 3 miles on vacation in Wisconsin, and then ran a 5K in Utah at the Outdoor Retailer show.  Four work outs in the course of four weeks.  Not very impressive, but I justify it as a much needed recovery time.  Last week, I started running again.  Brooke called, the girls were meeting up, and headed out to the trails.  Perfect.  I was surprised of how good I still felt.  I have “lost” some endurance and strength of course, but not as much as I thought.  I’m back up to two hour runs again and have another one scheduled for this weekend.  Time to dive into training again - if for only a marathon.

Oh, and things to look forward to on this blog!  I’ll be reviewing everything from socks, trail shoes, road shoes, skirts, jog bras, the list goes on!  I’m trying it all, and already have a few blisters to talk about.  If there is anything you’ve been dying to try out, but a little nervous to try something new – let me know, and I can be your guinea pig.

Coming Next: Food Review (finally, I know, I’ve been talking about this for over a month)!  What worked and tasted good and what didn’t in training and on race day.

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