Motivated Moms Alive in the MOMent- Embracing TODAY
Posted By:Heather Nelson
Posted On:Aug 7 2010 1:38PM

Mustering up the energy for another day, I am well aware that this toil may be for years and years to come. Due to the uncertainty of life, I choose to rejoice TODAY; to seize it’s moments at their juicy ripeness and embrace all the opportunities that come my way. Plunging into the reality that I am merely making human choices of which wave of opportunity to ride.~
The “hei” is a symbol representing living life to the fullest in the moment. Delving deeply into whatever the current experience is. in the blank....

“…we must be fully alive in the present moment….”-Edward Hoffman*
“Our world consists of nothing except the day and hour that we stand in now. Tomorrow is a completely different world.” -Hasidic Master Rabbi Nachman of Bratslav *
So if what we have in this earthly skin is this moment we live in, as each moment and split-second ahead can be seemingly unpredictable, should we not embrace it to the fullest and make the most we can of the moment of a phase of a season of today? Can we turn it to appreciation of the gift to meet the needs of others; our children, family, friends, acquaintences, “strangers”, and imagine it….even of ourselves. It is a blessing to bless. A joy to give and learn. Let’s give ourselves happy, just for today; taking time to breathe, run hard, dance and sing while we complete some of our least-loved activities, reading a long-time great book with our children, and fall in bed delightfully exhausted, resting in the knowledge that we lived life to the fullest TODAY, with integrity.
Keep reaching moms! 
Your fellow Motivated Mom,
p.s. do not be discouraged if you falter and fall below your standards in a MOMent. Acknowledge it for what it is, raise yourself up, and keep moving forward…I have observed and lived again and again how mom’s are their own worst critic. Isn’t the process and understanding of our humanity part of a MOMent to embrace. The actual “Hei” has part of the letter suspended in mid air, with an empty gap symbolizing humility and representing an openness to receive. Motherhood is filled with so many humbling and amazing moments; be ALIVE in the realization and move forward mamas, embracing TODAY and each otherwise often preconceived seemingly miniscule event whose minutiae could affect the most incalculable effects on our world…

*The Hebrew Alphabet

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