Motivated Moms A Mom's Musings About Change
Posted By:Heather Nelson
Posted On:Oct 10 2010 1:04AM

What is it that strikes a melodic note in your hearts, moms? Sometimes I like to muse at the things we are taken with; lightening the load of life’s sometimes heavy resoundings. Other times I look around and find myself taken with the simplest things. The coo of a baby gazing into it's mother's eyes as she lights up at the sight of her son. The way a room full of women and mothers can get a giggle at the “toot” of a baby, and somehow it’s cute. Surely the entertainment value changes with age. The beating of a drum, the trumpeting band, and the way a teenager can be all-consumed with Homecoming, powder puff football, tug o’war, and volleyball. I miss volleyball. It’s funny how everything changes in life and yet so much remains the same. Traditions, sports, human relationship, rites of passage, things so important at different seasons and then we find that we have to question ourselves a little deeper; what is our adaptability to change?
See, they say to forget what lies behind and reach towards what lies ahead. Yet, we are to consider the past, and our days. We are to identify our progress. We are to set goals. I am just motivated to live in the now, today! To be a good mom, to be a better mom, to be the kind of friend anyone would want, and the gentlest kind of enemy no one would want and the clear-minded would desire; the kind whose love sears to the core of your heart. Someone who strives for justice, love, mercy, and compassion, but fights relentlessly for good. Who remembers her framework; that she is but a season passing by, but one who has the power to live and expand in life-giving ways for others. How do we shed the lesser things of this life? 
It’s funny how it comes back to simplicity, to embracing the small things of the moment. If it means painting your face green and shouting for the Homecoming football team, we do it. If it means we come to terms with the fact that we give up some of what we love the most, to live life to the richest for those we love, in a morphing of expectations for ourselves, we do it. If it means we become a little more adaptable, then we must….even if it is like the spelunker in the speleo-maze I wrote of before. Ah, the joy of seasons; so quickly turning and so easily passed by, but meant to be fully taken in at the time. If we cannot delve deeply into the season we are in, when we look back, we will wonder, “what ever happened to that season anyway? I completely missed it. I don’t remember a thing about it”. Now, it is possible we may not remember it anyway, lol (post-children brain), however, I do hope to at least “not remember” it with the integrity that I was still fully IN IT!
I was so excited to write about my recent runnings on a nature trail with my kids, and my discoveries about which Five Fingers might work the best, however, I found myself so taken with the teenage adventures of my family members, that I had to put it on hold till another blog. The years of being a teen seem to impact our lives so strongly. What a season to treasure in the lives of our children, our nieces and nephews, our children’s children, and ourselves. It is a time to be remembered, learned from, built upon. Life is not stagnant. Seasons change. As we age, we wonder, is this the kind of life I was hoping for?  Is it worth the journey? I say definitely! I look at this dad, aged from teenage and childhood years, maybe tired from a long days’ work, but at the urging of his grandchildren, stretched his muscles a bit longer, jumped on the bike more than a bit too small for him, and made a memory.
.....A memory a parent, or grandparent may not remember (post-children brain, again) for as long as they like, but one a child will likely remember for a long time to come! 

So as we mothers muse upon these rites of passage in the lives of our youngsters, our children, family, mentees, may we muse upon them knowing the deep blessing and significance of our taking a moment to live beyond ourselves.  Change is inevitable; I hope to embrace it with a delightful musing that bears no shadow of regret or reasonings of that which I should've done for fun or true embracing of the time I had in each season of life.

Blessed to be like this Grandpa, and ready jump on the bike a wee bit too small for me,

Your Fellow Motivated Mom,


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  •  Posted By: Heather Nelson
     Posted On: Oct 31 2010 7:58AM 
    even greater is the Papa that rode the bike!!! :) and so, here it is; costume and treats day, when the children are urging the parents to be superheros, spies, and ninjas...a very good excuse for the parents to dress up and play too!!! Maybe I will go as a tree, in appreciation for such a beautiful fall to play in. :) keep making those memories Grandma Trudi!!!
  •  Posted By: Trudi Nelson
     Posted On: Oct 24 2010 4:22PM 
    :) So Grandpa's, Dad's, Mom's, Grandma's start making memories. Get outside and spend that special time with those little ones. Your children will never forget it, believe me I know. I am a Grandmother of 4 beautiful special Grandchildren and they love the memories. Great job Heather!
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