Clear Water Outdoor A Good Night's Rest Does The Body (And Mind) Good
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Posted On:Feb 16 2012 2:22PM

Improve your health and outdoor workouts with a good night's rest.

There are many days in which it seems as though there simply aren't enough hours in the day. Whether you are a parent, a full-time employee, a student or a teenager, it can be easy to become overwhelmed by the amount of work that you have to do in a single day. And, many times, you have to cut out certain enjoyable activities in order to make time for it all.
Unfortunately, one element that people often shove to the side when it comes to a busy, overwhelming schedule is sleep. When you have a lot to do, whether it's for work or simply catching up on your daily activities and chores, you typically stay up later to finish your tasks or wake up earlier to get a jump-start on the day.
However, sleep is one of the last things that you should cut out of your daily schedule, especially if you are an active individual. Not only is sleeping essential for a healthy, well-functioning mind and body, but it also plays a huge role in your health, your energy and how well you perform during a good workout.
Because sleep is such an essential part of a successful fitness routine, we have put together just a few areas in which a good night's rest can help to improve your mind, your body and your workout:
Your Health
A good night's rest consists of between seven and nine solid hours of sleep. Depending on the person, anything less than that can leave you feeling cranky, irritable, depressed and even ill. However, your mood is not the only thing that is effected by an insufficient amount of sleep.
A new British study also found that people who do not get enough sleep on a regular basis are twice as likely to die of heart disease. This is because a lack of sleep leads to high blood pressure, a risk factor that is often associated with stokes and heart attacks. Chronic under-sleeping can also lead to diabetes, high blood pressure, and some cancers, not to mention depression and short-term memory loss.
Your Mind
As if you needed a good reason to break up the work day with a quick nap, studies have shown that taking a nap?even one as short as 12 minutes?can help boost your memory and increase your creativity. This is because the "slow-wave sleep" that often occurs in the first few minutes of falling asleep is actually more important than REM?dream sleep that occurs when you have been sleeping for awhile.
While the concept of "beauty sleep" may have started as an old wives tale, getting a good amount of sleep each night does actually have a variety of benefits for your body. Be sure that you are giving yourself enough time each day for a full nights rest. In the end, you will end up being more productive than if you stayed up to complete your work in the first place.
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