Clear Water Outdoor 'Tis The Season: Holiday Gifts For The Outdoor Enthusiast
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Posted On:Dec 21 2011 2:57PM

Three great gift ideas for the outdoorsman in your life.

With Christmas just under a week away, many people are running around and rushing to find last minute gifts for all of their loved ones on their lists. Whether you plan on buying lots of new, fancy presents for all of your friends and family, or you plan on simply doing an intimate exchange with those closest to you, there is nothing more exciting than finding that perfect holiday gift that you know your loved ones will adore.
However, with the current hustle and bustle of preparing for the holidays and the days of the week flying by, there are only a couple of days left to find that perfect present for everyone on your list. Luckily, if you're still looking for a great stocking stuffer idea or a unique holiday gift for the outdoorsman in your life, you have come to the right place.
There is nothing more beautiful or relaxing than the great outdoors. So, why not make the outdoors that more enjoyable for someone special in your life than with a thoughtful gift that they can use on their next backpacking trip or hike into the woods? When it comes to outdoor accessories, there are an endless amount of presents and gift ideas to choose from that will truly brighten up someone's holiday.
To help you find a great gift for everyone on your list, we have compiled a list of fun and helpful outdoor accessories that any outdoor enthusiast would be delighted to find under their Christmas tree this weekend:
Stocking Stuffers
Whenever you are heading out onto a trail or into the woods, there are a certain number of items that you want to make sure you have on you, such as a flashlight, sunscreen, polarized sunglasses, lip balm, a water bottle, etc. Each of these items would be great to stuff into the stocking of someone who loves outdoor activities and wants to be prepared for their adventures. Unscented items such as toothpaste, chewing gum and soap also make great gifts for the hunter in your life.
Portable Stove
Nothing warms up a chilly night out in the woods quite like a steamy home-cooked meal that you made yourself. To make sure that your outdoorsman has a full belly full of delicious food each time they hike out into the woods, why not give them a handy, portable stove. Most stoves offer multiple cooking surfaces for browning a venison steak or searing a duck breast, while others can be customized depending on the needs of the trip.
The one accessory that every person needs when heading out into the woods is a pocketknife. Whether you are a hunter, a biker, a rock climber or a hiker, you never want to head out into the woods without a little pocketknife or some kind of multi-purpose tool to aid you along your journey. There are hundreds of models available for knifes, some as low as $18, and you can even get some of these knives custom engraved for an extra special touch to a handy gift.
The holidays are a great time for getting together with family and friends and soaking up the true meaning of the season. These three outdoor holiday gifts will not only ensure that you have a great gift to give on the morning of Christmas, but also that you are taking care of your favorite outdoor enthusiast each time they head into the woods.
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