Clear Water Outdoor Get FitStay Active: The Benefits of Walking with a Pedometer
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Posted On:May 11 2012 9:01PM

Walking with a pedometer can greatly improve your workout experience.

When it comes to working out and getting fit, there is no shortage of exercises or physical sports during the summer months that promise to improve your workout and get your heart pumping on a regular basis. However, with all of the various types of exercise equipment that is available to people looking to lose weight and get healthy--from fancy indoor workout machines and accessories, to tennis shoes built using advanced technology--how are you supposed to know which equipment will actually benefit your health in the long run?
We here at Clear Water Outdoor are always trying out new and exciting outdoor sports trends and activities, and we have seen many different workouts and fitness trends come and go year after year. However, there is one particular fitness accessory that has stood the test of time among many athletes and has been proven to bring a variety of benefits to your long-term health and wellness--a pedometer.
A pedometer is a small device that counts the number of steps you take, and can also be used as a basic tool to measure your activity level over a given period of time, leading to a healthier and more vigorous lifestyle. Most pedometers are the size of a matchbox and can attach to the waist of your pants, making them easy to carry with you at all times.
One of the biggest advantages of a pedometer is the fact that it can catch small increases in activity, such as walking up the stairs or taking a quick walk around your neighborhood. Over time, you will begin to recognize these small bits of walking which would normally escape your attention, and it can help you assess your activity level on a day-to-day basis and motivate you to move more.
Many studies have shown that people need to walk at least 10,000 steps a day to maintain an active lifestyle and to burn 20% of their caloric intake from that day. Pedometers are built to track your progress and your step count during walks, making it easier than ever for you to reach their goal of 10,000 steps per day and receive the many benefits that come with such workouts. For example, walking with a pedometer at a brisk pace can help to lower the risk of heart disease, breast cancer, type 2 diabetes and stroke. It can also help to improve circulation, reduce stress and build physical and mental stamina.
There are a number of different high-tech, advanced pedometers available today, for people with all different skill levels and budgets. Most pedometers will accurately tracks your aerobic steps, calories burned, fat reduced and will also tell you the length and time of your workout. Many even tells you how far you’ve walked, then will store these figures for future use. Accurate step counts also translate into measurable results. That means your workouts and physical activities are sustainable for the long term.
To learn more about the benefits of pedometers for your daily workouts, be sure to stop into Clear Water Outdoor today to check out the many options that we have in store for you.
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    Someone should invent a Paddleometer.
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