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Posted On:Mar 21 2011 2:08PM

As I was packing to move a few weeks ago, I came across a list I had made in college with 101 things that made me happy. As I was reading through the list, I found number 63, “finding  a good deal.” There is something in us that thrills at finding a sweet item, for a fabulous price. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve discovered that “finding a good deal” is often less about discounts, and more about value. If I were to rewrite this list today I would probably change the wording to say “finding a great value,” finding something that is worth every penny you spent on it. We all aim to be smart with our money, but let’s admit it, we all like to still look great, and enjoy fun, new purchases. So it’s all about making valuable shopping decisions. That value concept is what inspired our first “The Fashionable Outdoors” blog post.  What if I told you that you could create around 30 outfits from 1 pair of shoes, 1 scarf/wrap, and 8 tops and bottoms? Well, believe it or not, it’s true! Talk about value! 30 ways to wear 10 things?!? That’s a whole month of outfits with one load of laundry; a whole vacation wardrobe that fits in a carry-on suitcase. 

For those in need of the 30 second version, here’s the quick list of our ten items:

Crystal and I decided one day to see how many outfits we could make from 10 items. We eventually stopped at 30, and I am sure there were more we could have thought up. Although we knew that so many of the products we carry here at Clear Water Outdoor are multi-purposeful, so finding creative options would not be a hard, we were both surprised at just how versatile these items were. The Rhumba Wrap by Horny Toad ($48) was the biggest value surprise with uses beyond our imaginations, or maybe I should say it’s uses kept up with our ever growing imaginations for it. From a scarf to a hair wrap; bathing suit cover up to wrap skirt, and even several types of tops were created from this one item. The Marley Shirt by Horny Toad ($44) is that classic shirt that looks great with just about anything. It paired well with cargo pants for a casual look, and looked fabulous with a skirt for those girly days.  The Patagonia Lithia Skirt ($45) is a personal fav of mine. This super cute skirt can be worn as a longer skirt, folded over at the top for a shorter skirt, and here’s the kicker… pulled up to be worn as a halter tank top with a tie around the neck or a strapless, sassy tank. The Lole Touring Skirt ($60) my counterpart’s favorite, is the same concept of transitional skirt to tank. This more classic looking skirt can be worn short, long, or again, as a tank. The Touring Skirt has a cute synch at the bottom to add to the flexible fit, both as a skirt and as a top. This skirt-shirt is also made out of a quick drying material making it ideal for traveling! Another great travel piece is the Splash Roll-up Pant by Kuhl ($69). This pair of pants is that same quick drying idea, and it has the ability to roll and snap up the bottoms of the pants into a cute pair of capris. How often do you leave in the morning for a day out only to be frustrated by your clothing choices by the end of the day? Weather warms up… roll the pants up. Weather cools down… roll ‘em down.   Starts raining… no worries, the pants will dry fast. Gets super hot out… the breathable fabric will keep you cool.

Sometimes versatility isn’t just about different ways to wear something, sometimes it’s about all the different places you can wear that same piece. That is definitely the case with the Sonja Top by Prana ($48). This beautiful tank top fits well, staying in place for all your yoga moves or lunges at the gym.  Then, throw a cardigan over top, put on  a nice pair of jeans or a skirt, and you’re ready for a date. In need of that great cardigan that can do all, be all? The Lole Essential Cardigan ($90) is where it’s at!  They weren’t kidding when they named it the Essential Cardigan.  This piece can be worn with… well, just about anything! Classy enough to dress up with, but still that great active fit and fabric, perfect for wearing to the gym or studio. I have to admit that I thought finding a single pair of shoes to wear with all of our outfits was darn near impossible, but I was wrong. The magic shoe was the Westwater Wedge by Teva ($70). This shoe is designed with water channels for walking in and out of water, great comfort for all day wear, and casual/dressy appearance that works with a plethora of looks and occasions.
Other items are valuable because they are those go-to pieces that everyone needs to have in their closest. The Outdoor Research Reverie Short ($60)is exactly that. It’s your go-to pair of khaki shorts whether you are walking around town, around Europe, or around the mountains. The classic look will stand the test of time, as will the well made fabric.  Another must have item is the Bellis Shirt by Kuhl ($48). This burnt out beauty can be worn over and under a variety of tanks and tops, adding a different look each time. So lightweight, it’s easy to pack and even easier to wear.

So whether you are looking to put together your new spring wardrobe, or packing for that much needed vacation, remember the value of versatile, beautiful clothing. These were just 10 items from the hundreds to choose from at Clear Water Outdoor. Stop in, and start finding your own “30 ways to wear.”

With Love,
Kellie & Crystal

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