Blogs Of  "True Stories"

  • The Life of Luke

    This blog may also be known as An Improper Use of Boredom and the Common Thesaurus or Noah Webster Would Cry if he Could See What I am Doing. It amazes me to see the way that just surrounding yourself with people that do not think the same way that you do and do not follow the path that you were brought up to follow will open your eyes to the rest of the world and in turn can change the direction of your life completely. I cannot deny that I am influenced by those around me, I can make sure that......
    Posted By: Luke Stewart
    2 Post, Last Published On: 29 Apr 2010

  • Adventures of Oregon Laura

    Find a job you love and you will never work a day in your life. - Confucius It’s that time of year again. School supply lists, back-to-school sales, I’ve even seen Halloween, and not to be outdone, yes, Christmas decorations at a few stores already. One more flip of the calendar and it’ll be August. I know my family has been enjoying summer with grass stained knees, dirty feet, sun bleached hair, and that ever present coco-nutty smell of sun tan lotion. We’ve m......
    Posted By: Laura Luksich
    29 Post, Last Published On: 26 Jul 2011

  • Dave's World

    We just had our 4th Earth Day Kayak Demo, Trail Run, Tree Planting and Park Cleanup, at Big Foot Beach State Park. The organization of the event was great, thank you Laura and our entire team at Clear Water Outdoor. Thanks to the volunteers, they removed huge piles worth of garlic mustard and buckthorn. Well done Anne and the team at Big Foot Beach State Park, you are awesome. Our industry guests were awesome, they helped us offer our friends and neighbors the opportunity to test over seventy......
    Posted By: David Schuster
    4 Post, Last Published On: 02 May 2010

  • The Life of Brian

    So, I’m at home on the sofa with some sort of illness. I don’t think it’s the Flu, but it might as well be. Maybe it was the economy, but for some reason I was sick more times in 2009 than in the previous 5 years combined. I don’t think anybody likes being sick, but I REALLY can’t stand it. I’m such a go-getter and I feel like my body is fighting me when I’m sick. Eventually I give in and lay on the sofa… like now. The last time this happene......
    Posted By: Brian Waspi
    2 Post, Last Published On: 04 Feb 2010