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 Posted on: 31 Jan 2013
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New records set, dance parties had, and inventory accounted for.
 Ah, Inventory.  That dreaded (ahem!) anticipated night of the year when we get to catalog everything that is, or isn’t (but probably should be) in the store.

At Clear Water Outdoor, we try to make just about everything we do fun, and when you work with such a great group of people, have some sweet jams playing and snacks to nosh on, how could it not be fun?!  In 2013, with clever strategizing and teamwork, we finished inventory in record time:   arguably, 7-9 hours (depending on when you consider the start time).  We’re proud of ourselves, and amidst dance parties, scanning mania and an orchestrated effort to have “fluffers” follow the “scanners”, the store looked better when we ended than before we began.

To give you a glimpse of the love and care that goes into making Lake Geneva’s favorite outdoor store fabulous, here are a few pics of the inner workings of Clear Water Outdoor.  Adventure on!

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