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How to Pick the Right Hiking Boots for Varied Activities

 Posted on: 29 May 2009
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A brief overview of how to choose a hiking boot.
How to Pick the Right Hiking Boots for Varied Activities

Hiking boots are a necessary staple for many different types of outdoor activities, including hiking of course.  These types of boots provide traction, stability and assure the wearer good footing.  If you are shopping for hiking boots for the first time or are searching for new boots to replace your well-used ones, the following tips will come in handy when figuring out how to pick the right hiking boots for different activities.

Figure Out What Your Hiking Boots Will Be Used For

The first step in preparing for your hiking boot shopping trip is to figure out what your hiking boots will be used to accomplish.  In other words, what activity will you be taking part in which makes the inclusion of hiking boots a necessity.  Some individuals just want to use their hiking boots for day hikes whereas others may want to use them for endurance-based hiking trips which would call for a more sturdy and inclusive boot.  When you figure out the main activity you will be using your hiking boots for, you can then move on to the next step which is starting the search for the specific pair of boots. 

Single Out Hiking Boots That Contain All the Necessary Features

When reviewing the various hiking boots, whether online or on the shelves, consider which features your hiking boots simply must have.  Some of the desired traits people look for in their hiking boot selection include waterproof qualities, materials, high ankle support, top-notch traction and quick lacing action.  The exact type of hiking boots you choose will depend on what activity you will be primarily using them for.  For example, if you plan on hiking in cold, snowy climates, you will want to choose a hiking boot that is warm, insulated, waterproof and provides good ankle support.  Keeping the features in mind when shopping for hiking boots will help you to pick the right pair.

Keep Cost Factors in Mind

Hiking boots come in many different varieties with various price tags attached as well.  You can spend under $100 for a pair of hiking boots or a couple of hundred dollars on this type of shoe.  If you are shopping on a budget, there are ways to get great deals on your hiking boots without sacrificing for quality.  Look for hiking boots that are on sale and save money while still getting a good hiking shoe. 

Look For Quality Brands

Many hiking boot shoppers make the mistake of choosing a hiking boot based on the price alone.  This can lead to trouble as after a few times wearing the hiking boot, one may experience discomfort or pain due to an ill fit.  This is why it is extremely important to read a few reviews and pick a hiking boot that is known for the particular characteristics that you look for in footwear. 

More Than One Hiking Boot Purchase May Be Necessary

You should also keep in mind that it may be necessary to purchase more than one type of hiking boot if you plan on taking part in different activities.  Some boots may not be appropriate for all types of activities.  By having more than one pair of hiking boots you can be sure that your outdoor adventure will be carried out properly and that your feet will be comfortable and secure while doing so.  If worried about the cost of purchasing two or more pairs of hiking boots, just keep in mind that this investment will pay off in the end, especially if you consider how many times you will be wearing your hiking boots throughout the year and the longevity of quality hiking boots.  


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