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How to Choose the Right Running Shoe

 Posted on: 03 Jun 2009
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A brief overview of choosing the right running shoe.

How to Choose the Right Running Shoe

Running shoes are the perfect shoe for leisure and sport running. They are manufactured to provide the best possible support for that particular activity. In addition, these shoes are tailored to suit men and women's feet differently as there is a distinct difference between the two. When shopping for running shoes you may wonder which type of shoe is best for your foot type. There are a few ways to choose the best running shoe and the following will provide a basic overview as well as other factors that may be important to those shopping for running shoes.

Picking the Best Style of Running Shoe

When it comes time to buy a new pair of running shoes, whether you have shopped for running shoes many times before or have just discovered the sport of running, there are some tips to keep in mind along the way. First, though it is important to select a quality brand don't be drawn in by a particular manufacturer of running shoe. Some people see the brand name and are immediately drawn towards that brand of shoe not knowing that many brands won't accommodate their feet properly. With that said, it is important to try on different brands of shoes and let the purchase be determined by the fit not the brand name.

Also, go to a store and try on the prospective running shoes with your desired running socks on. This will help to ensure that the shoes you choose will fit perfectly with running socks. Trying on the shoes is an important part of the purchase and you have to be sure that you do it correctly.

Consider your knee condition when picking out running shoes. Some individuals have more tender knees than others and need a running shoe with good support and cushion. This will help the runner to run safely and have their knees protected while doing so.

Read the Highlighted Features for Each Pair of Running Shoes

When you are shopping for running shoes, take note of the designated features highlighted above each shoe. Look for shoes which are designated as running shoes and then read further to determine what their proclaimed features are, such as extra support or added cushion for shock absorption. Many shoe retailers, like Clear Water Outdoor, will provide this information and it is extremely handy when searching for a new pair of running shoes. Again, always be sure to try the running shoes on before buying them and don't just glance at their features and figure that they will be a good fit. Once you’ve found the brand and size you like, don’t be afraid to shop for shoes online to find the best price.

The Importance of Replacing Old Running Shoes with New Ones

In today's turbulent financial times, many individuals may shy away from making larger purchases like those related to running shoes. Running shoes are not exorbitantly high in price but they can cost between $50 and $100 and sometimes more than that. However, if you are an avid runner or even occasionally take part in the sport of running, you have to realize how important it is to replace old running shoes with new ones. If you fail to replace your old running shoes you can cause damage to your back, knees and other parts of the leg due to bad support and improper shoe balance. The best time to replace your running shoes is when the tread is wearing away and especially when the bottom of the shoe has become so worn that it is uneven in nature. Ensuring a good condition running shoe will help to keep you safe while engaging in this fun, invigorating form of exercise.

By following these tips you can rest easy knowing that your feet will be adequately protected while running and enable you to do the best you possibly can in this athletic sport.


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