Bending Branches Expedition Plus

bending branches expedition plus canoe paddle


Price: $149.95

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Expeditionary paddlers who need endurance, power, and control in their canoe paddle will love the Expedition Plus’ power T-grip and its Rockgard® edge protection that extends all the way from the blade tip to 6 inches up the shaft. This paddle’s 4 oz. fiberglass blade wrap further protects the red alder, basswood, and roasted basswood blade for maximum durability. Made of closed grain, light weight, durable hardwoods, the Expedition Plus is both attractive and versatile for paddlers who take their time on the water more seriously.

The Expedition Plus is available in lengths of 52 inches to 60 inches (in 2-inch increments).


SIZE 8.2 x 19 in.
SURFACE AREA 126 sq. in.
BLADE Red Alder Basswood Roasted Basswood
PROTECTION Full Rockgard® 4 oz. Fiberglass


SHAFT Straight
MATERIAL 18 Laminate Basswood
LENGTH 52" 54" 56" 58" 60"
FEATURES Ovalized for Comfort GRIP Ultimate T-Grip


WEIGHT 24 oz.
WEIGHT VARIATION Due to the varied density of wood, all canoe paddles could have a +/– 10% variance in weight. Paddle weight is based on 54 inch measurements for straight shafts and 50 inch measurements for bent shafts. 4 oz. fiberglass wrap covering the blade.

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Recently ordered this paddle from Clearwater (Enjoyed incredible customer service). I received the paddle in time to use it on a 40 mile 3 day trip on the Buffalo River. The section of river we paddled included long flatwater stretches, shallow flats with rock and gravel bottoms, and numerous small rapids that nonetheless required a bit of quick maneuvering. The paddle performed very well throughout. On the flat stretches, I found the paddle comfortable and efficient. It's light weight prevented fatigue. Numerous scrapes and even strong pushes against shallow rock and gravel bottoms left only light scratches on the surface of the fiberglass coating. In what rapids we did encounter, the wide blade and T grip made for quick, powerful, and responsive maneuvering. Examining the paddle after the trip I am amazed at how well it held up and convinced that it will serve well on many more trips in coming years. Great product. Did I mention it is beautiful?

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