Clear Water Outdoor Top Ten Staff Gift Picks
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Posted On:Dec 1 2009 10:58PM

Ah the holidays; fruitcake, weight gain, and bad sweaters…
Thankfully with Clear Water Outdoor in your life, there's zero reason to be labeled a “bad gift giver”, and every reason to be a gift-giving ROCK STAR!  But we completely understand you may have a hard time choosing gifts, especially when surrounded by the stellar products and deals at Clear Water Outdoor.  In an effort to help, we asked our staff to list their “Top 5 Gift Ideas for 2009”.   Here they are in no particular order:

1.    Smartwool Socks – Stylish, warm, and needed; all at a great price. Everybody should have 10 pairs of these, seriously you’ll be thanked for years and they fit nicely into a standard stocking. 

2.   The Patagonia Down Sweater – One of our most popular pieces and for good reason.  Affordable, super warm, and darn good-looking.  It will be your go to down piece Fall, Winter, and Spring.

3.   Icebreaker Oasis Crew – Our most versatile base-layer.  They’ll wear it daily and you’ll appreciate that merino doesn’t stink.  Get one for yourself too. 

4.   Silverwares Jewelry – You can’t go wrong with jewelry.  Well, unless it’s lame and looks like everybody else’s.  Which is why Silverwares is unique, sexy, and stylish.  Take a look and be awed by the Mojo. 

5.   Kids Cap 3 Baselayer – Your munchkins will live in this all winter long.  You’ll have a hard time getting it off of them at bath time because it protects them from the cold with super-hero fervor. 

6.   Exofficio Alpental Sweater – Functional, professional, yet laid back looking.  It’s perfect for Dad or the man in your life.   

7.   Folkmanis Puppets – For all your kiddos, young and adult. These puppets come to life on your hands! Check out the finger puppets, too. These little critters like to hang out all over the store, so keep your eyes open for one to take home for you or someone you love.

8.   Prana 70's Cord Pant – Flash back to the 70's with this full stretch cord. Our ladies love how they hug their figures and keep them warm while looking great. 

9.  Nau Outerwear -- Our new favorite clothing company, Nau (pronounced now), from Portland, Oregon is totally sustainable and hip. Think technical outerwear with an urban flair. Warning: Be prepared to take it home if you plan to try it on.

10.  Patagonia Better Sweater – Feels like a fleece, but looks like a sweater… the perfect combination of both!

Ok, so that’s actually a Top Ten list.   Cut me some slack!  ONLY 5 ITEMS?  That’s like trying to eat just one Lays Potato Chip or solve a Rubik's Cube… it just can’t be done.  But what can be done is giving awesome gifts this year and saving some money, you’re in the right place for both.   

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