Clear Water Outdoor Stretch and Strengthen: The Benefits Of Yoga For Athletes
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Posted On:Sep 26 2011 10:34AM

How yoga can improve your overall athletic abilities.

For each and every physical activity that you perform--whether it is an indoor sport such as basketball, an outdoor activity such as mountain climbing, or a basic physical activity such as jogging around your neighborhood--there are certain exercises and stretches that you must do regularly in order to advance your skills and abilities with your activity.
While many of these refining exercises are specific to the sport you are in, such as endurance training for mountain climbers or weight lifting for body builders, there are also several exercises that can improve the overall strength, flexibility and outcome of your activity for any type of athlete.
Yoga is one of the most popular forms of stretching and exercising the body that dates back more than 5,000 years. While this form of exercise tends to focus on flexibility, coordination and balance, it can also be beneficial to any athlete's workout routine and mental game.
Many athletes who regularly participate in yoga also find that they are able to stay more relaxed and focused before, during and after a high-intensity game or workout. This is because the concentration and meditation that is a regular practice during yoga can help to improve an athlete's focus during both exercise and practice. Because of these reasons and many more, athletes of all different sports have made yoga an essential companion to their daily training routine.
Here are just a few more ways in which yoga can improve your overall athletic abilities and body health:
Improve Flexibility
It is no secret that practicing yoga regularly can do wonders for an athlete's different levels of flexibility. Because with most sports, you are typically working the same muscles over and over again, this can put a lot of strain and pressure on these particular spots. However, yoga helps to stretch out these muscles and get them back to their proper working order. Yoga can also help to improve an athlete's range of motion, that way the chance of developing an injury is much more slim.
Relieve Chronic Pain
While yoga is a great way to avoid becoming injured in your sport, it also makes a beneficial exercise which can stretch out tired or aching muscles that may develop from pushing yourself too hard during physical activity. For instance, runners who develop tight hamstrings or paddlers who suffer from painful, tight shoulders may find that yoga is a great way to relieve your body of this chronic pain after a particularly intense workout.
Improves Strength
When most people picture yoga, they typically only think about stretching and flexing of your muscles. However, one big aspect of yoga that many people often look over is the fact that it is a great at building up your core strength. One of the reasons that yoga is so great at this is because many of the movements are slow and require resistance from your core, ultimately developing and strengthening those muscles with each and every exercise.
If you are looking to improve your overall stretching and strengthening capabilities, whether you are a hiker, a runner or a mountain climber, consider working yoga into your annual exercise program. A well-balanced athlete not only makes for a happy, healthy mind and body, but also for a happy, healthy exercise.
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