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Posted On:Oct 27 2011 2:03AM

Tips for choosing a base layer that will keep you warm during the cold months.

It is no secret that the fall and winter seasons have the power to drive even the most passionate and athletic outdoor enthusiasts inside for hibernation until the warmer months. No matter how much you may enjoy camping and hiking during the warm, exciting summer season--from soaking up the sparkling lakes to exploring nature through fun outdoor activities?the first hint of that cool, fall breeze is enough to send people all across the country shivering inside, away from the outdoors.
However, by running inside to escape the cold and rainy fall season, you are missing out on some truly breathtaking views of the nature world around you, along with many beneficial fitness activities that these months have to offer.
While we may not be able to change the temperature and the weather with our every wish and command, that does not stop us from providing you with the tools and accessories that are necessary to enjoy your time outdoors during the fall and winter.
Many exciting and effective products, such as outdoor base layers, are becoming a very beneficial tool for outdoor enthusiasts of every shape and athletic type who are looking to expand their nature adventures long past the days of sunshine and summertime. Here are just a few simple things that you should know about using a base layer during your outdoor adventure, along with the key features that you should be looking for from this helpful product:
What Are The Benefits Of Base Layers?
The main purpose of an outdoor base layer is fabric that is designed to trap a thin layer of warm air against the body, while at the same time pulling sweat and excess liquid away from the skin. This process is often referred to as "wicking."
Wicking base layers are great for all different types of athletes, from swimmers to hikers and campers, and is vital to keep your body energized, temperature regulated and most of all, help to keep you comfortable. Wearing a regular base layer when you are outside in cold temperatures will not only help to save your life in freezing, windy conditions, but they can also help to reduce the risk of dramatic swings in body temperature.
What Are Base Layers Made Of?
When it comes to the fabric and design of a base layer, there are basically three different materials that make up the majority of products:
·         Synthetics: Typically polyester or polyester blends, this type of layer us the lightest option in the group, is wrinkle and abrasion resistant, and is very reliable in trapping internal heat.
·         Wool: When it comes to wool base layers (most often merino wool), there are several benefits that make this product attractive to readers. For instance, the ultrafine fibers that make up wool base layers and the fact that it is extremely lightweight.
·         Silk: One of the most popular types of base layer is made from silk. This specialty fabric can be utilized for both cool and warm weather, while at the same time offering a soft, luxurious texture that adds no bulk or discomfort.
If you are looking to learn more about base layers and the many benefits that they offer outdoor enthusiasts, be sure to check out our wide range of base layers on After all, just because you may be frozen and stuck inside away from the cold, doesn't mean the opportunity for exciting nature adventures are also.
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