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Adventures of Oregon Laura Group Ride Training
 Posted By: Laura Luksich
 Posted On: May 18 2010 12:00AM

I’ve had some pretty intense weekends.  Anything from triple header soccer tourneys in years past to taking care of my newborn twins for the first time… by myself.  This past weekend, I had Group Ride training.  I really think it was one of the most intense weekends, physically and mentally, I’ve had for a long time.  I finished Sunday evening with a huge sense of accomplishment and feeling much more confident about being an indoor cycling (and future) Group Ride instructor.  I have 90 days to complete my training which involves recording myself teaching the April ’10 release in front of, at least, five people – and doing everything perfectly.  Piece of cake, right? 

Group Ride is a part of Body Training Systems which also has classes with Group Groove, Group Power, etc, etc.  The Ride class is nine tracks - each song with a different set of movements and cardio goals.  Everything is scripted and choreographed – every last beat of each song.  I have to memorize, execute and entertain while on the bike coaching, trying not to run out of breath, and with that video camera staring at me!   It really is pretty awesome once you get it all down and we all have a blast doing the Ride.  If you happen to be in Medford, OR – join us at Superior Athletic Club for our Group classes.

So what does this have to do with the SOB 50K?  I really think it was the perfect cross-training weekend thrown in at a really crucial time in our training plan.  We are in between long runs – next weekend we have 22-24 miles to run.  Our bodies are starting to feel the extra mileage.  When we are running together, we have started to talk about our shins, our feet, and our hips aching.  For the Group Ride training, I was on and off the bikes for nine hours on Saturday and eight hours on Sunday.  The training involved three full Ride classes each day plus the training exercises on the bikes.  For an “off” weekend, it was super intense – but it was super intense on the bike, not on the pavement running.  No aching shins or sprained ankles.  I definitely feel like I did a “body-shocking” weekend to keep building my heart and lungs.  If I was hitting a plateau at all – this definitely took things to a different level. 

The burning question in your mind…. How does your butt feel after sitting on that horrible indoor cycling bike seat for two days straight?  I’ll be honest, it hurts.  Nothing like what I assume the other people were feeling Sunday morning when we hopped on those bikes.  The moans, groans, and unhappy faces were plentiful on the first ride of the morning.  I was sore, but not moaning and groaning sore.  I owe it all to the Skirt Sports Cruiser Bike Girl.  I love this skirt.  I feel comfortable walking around even though it has a full women's specific chamois built in to the shorties underneath.  I can head out for lunch, hit the store, or just walk around the gym without feeling self conscious or needing to change after getting off my bike, no one knows I have bike shorts on.  The skirt definitely held up all day on Saturday.  Of course places are going to start aching after sitting on a bike seat all day, but I really feel this skirt and its chamois underneath really saved me for the next day.  Thank you Skirt Sports!

Skirt Sports Cruiser Bike Girl                  Under the Skirt              Women's Specific Chamois

Between my goals for running and riding this week, I feel ready for our 22-24 miles we’re headed into this weekend  …and I’m pretty pumped to hit the trails again after spending a full weekend inside, on a bike, in a small room, with a bunch of sweaty people.
Both good, but I'm looking forward to my run.

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 Posted By: Aaron Luksich
 Posted On: Posted on May 19 2010 12:01PM 

If you measure the time spent with an elevated heart rate instead of the mileage you are running, then this is the best thing you could have done fo the SOB. Low/no impact, burning quads and hammies, and tons of time to grind. You rock babe!

 Posted By: Gina Jones
 Posted On: Posted on May 18 2010 1:01PM 

You will do awesome with your video! Congrats on finishing your first BTS training. Great links and information about the bike skirt. Since I know the skirt is an option, maybe I'll finally get into spin...

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