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Adventures of Oregon Laura Dolly Parton, Body Glide, and Snow
 Posted By: Laura Luksich
 Posted On: May 23 2010 11:58PM
Brooke, Kouba, and I did the “Dolly Parton” run today:  24 miles, five and a half hours, two monster climbs (one in to a snow storm at elevation), some moderate climbs, and a lot of fun running down.   No, I did not come up with the name, but it does make me smile when I’m running it.  We started at Lithia Park in Ashland, ran 5 ½ miles up the Hit Trail – where we ran into a snow storm on May 23! – then back down Fire Road 2060 and into Lithia Park (sunny and in the 50s).  There, we stopped for a potty break, refueled with bananas, goldfish crackers, and granola bars, and met Sara and Courtney (thank goodness for good friends, new conversation, and fresh legs to help motivate us to keep going strong for the second half).  We then headed back up 5 ½ or so miles to the Toothpick trailhead – also a little higher in elevation, but thankfully not snowing, and back down again to Lithia Park.  I’m sure you can use your imagination for the namesake of this run.  The absolute best part – 100% of it was on trails and fire roads.  Our bodies were grateful and all of us walked away smiling, with only small limps and one very tiny blister on my big toe.
Running in the snow at the top of Hit Trail on May 23!
Bodyglide: “Prevention is better than a cure”.  If you’ve never used it, and do any kind of athletic activity, go buy some.  You’ll become a quick fan.  It seems to quite often be a “hush, hush” thing to talk about, but everyone has hot spot issues at one time or another no matter what your size.  Last year, I was naïve and used Vaseline during my long runs in training for my marathon.  My clothes got stained, I felt all goopy, and it really didn’t work that well.  I’m not really talking about crazy places to lube up either – for women, it’s quite often around the jog bra.  I get seam rub under my arms and in the back where my jog bras clasp.  I used Bodyglide for the first time last summer and couldn’t believe the difference - no stains, no goop.  I’m hooked.  I use it all over – on my feet to prevent blisters all the way up to my neck if I start to get a weird seam rub while wearing a hydration pack. 
It comes in a little deodorant style stick – I buy travel size and regular size – and just rubs right on.  No getting your fingers all goopy in the process.  It doesn’t stain and just kind of absorbs in to my skin and has been wonderful in preventing hot spots.    On our long runs, I carry the travel size in my pack.  When I mention I have it, I quite often get the “I’m so happy you have some, I completely forgot about that”.

Today, I pulled out a For Her Bodyglide travel size on our run.  It looks the same, but comes with a pink cap and the lube is actually a light pink color (goes on clear).  This morning, I decided to compare the regular Bodyglide and the For Her.  On one side of my body, I used regular, the other For Her.  Both felt smooth and protective, the For Her felt a little thicker, but not in a bad way.  More of this feels even better than the regular stuff kind of feeling.


After our run, I inspected my body.  No difference on either side.  They both worked and felt the same while I was running = no chafing or hot spot issues.  I liked the For Her Glide.  Even if it works the same, for me it’s worth buying to have the comfort knowing when my husband and I are headed out the door for our long runs, he’ll reach for his regular Bodyglide and my pink capped For Her will only be used by me.
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