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Motivated Moms Cheering on Motivated Children
 Posted By: Heather Nelson
 Posted On: Nov 24 2010 2:33PM
Let no one be fooled, our kiddos are highly motivated…It doesn’t matter if they’re riding, running, or making music. They are always on the move. We see it from the time our babies grow from crawlers to walkers, to tumblers. Now some take their steps cautiously, and others drive ahead at the fastest run they can manage at step one and it doesn’t stop. Some are hesitant on the balance beam, and some are trying to do flips at the age of 4 and we better catch up and learn how to be a gymnastics spotter or we are going to have an injury on hand. 
When we sign up as parents, there are no guarantees of what kind of ride we will be on. It might be the mini-dragon ride in a circle, or it might be the Cliffhanger free fall, or possibly even a few loop-to-loops and corkscrews. It’s hard to say…we just have to roll with it. Throw out the word predictability. Lay out your best scientific hypothesis, but know that in the realm of children, chaos does exist and dominate. 
So, the journey of a Motivated Mom, becomes about throwing on your cheerleading uniform, whether you ever wanted to be a cheerleader or not. And that includes the cheerleader dads!! Or, if you prefer, you might use the reference of coach, team leader, mentor, or something of the like.
This past weekend was Clear Water Outdoor’s 6th Annual Turkey Trot. I went to be the event photographer, and ended up determined to capture as many runners as possible, which turned to running a good portion of the 5k. I hadn’t planned on this in 4 layers of clothing (it was chilly out), including my jeans, and minus my 5fingers. However, if anyone was motivated this day, it was the minis....

and their supportive parents. The best was to see this littlest guy, running the hardest he could, heading to the finish line on the 1 miler....

And then the mama so excited about her son’s success....
Needless to say, I couldn’t resist running further to capture more of their fun in momentum....
We all know what it is to have drive inside to reach certain goals, to try something new, to have a passion that launches us forward. Our children have the same... 

It is a gift to cheer them on as they discover their potential and all that they are able to do, whether they are music-makers, engineers, riders, or runners!! Well, off I go to cheer on my chillins working on their own next masterpieces.
Working on my best toe touch!
Motivated Mama,
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