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Clear Water Outdoor Celebrating Summer With Outdoor Physical Fitness and Sports
 Posted By: Clear Water Outdoor Store
 Posted On: Jun 19 2012 6:48PM

Outdoor physical activities that will get your heart pumping and body moving.

While physical fitness is an activity that should be enjoyed all year long for the many benefits that it can bring to both your health and your mind, being active is even more fun (and inviting) during the months in which you can get outside and work out among nature. For instance, now that the weather is growing warmer and the days are lasting longer, many people find themselves ditching the gym and going for a hike or jog in their local parks instead.
Plus, now that we have officially entered the month of June and summer is well on it's way, there is no shortage of physical activities that you can do by yourself or with a friend in order to get their hearts pumping and get in a great workout.
If you're looking for new, exciting alternatives to walking on the treadmill or doing sit-ups in the gym, why not get involved with some of the heart-pumping activities that take place outdoors? To help you get started, we have put together some of our favorite physical fitness and sports activities that will not only get in the intense workout that you are looking for, but will also allow you to get outside and have fun at the same time.
During a beautiful summer day, there is nothing like a vigorous hike or climb through the mountains to encourage exercise, fun and nature awareness. Luckily, the longer days of sunshine and warm summer weather offers a large variety of walks and hikes among some of the country's most stunning places, whether it's a day long hike along one of the tallest mountains in the country, or a simple hiking trail in the woods across town.
Walking In The Park
While walking may seem like the most basic of physical fitness activities, it actually has all of the benefits that you could ever want from a workout. In fact, many studies have shown that, with a walking speed of as little as 3 miles per hour, you could be well on the path to better health, and could essentially outrun the grim reaper well into your senior years. This is because walking is an activity that gets your heart rate up, while also keeping you at a steady pace through the duration of the workout, leading to beneficial results that anyone can achieve.
Paddle Boarding
Water activities also can act as a great form of exercise for people who are looking to explore new adventures and get back into shape, and no sport is better for this than paddle boarding. With minimal equipment, these boards will allow you to float across that beautiful backyard lake up north, explore the coastline of a local island off in the ocean, paddle down a river, following the twists and turns of the glassy water?Because of this, it's easy to see why paddle boarding is so intrinsically enjoyable and a favorite activity of many.
The month of June offers plenty of great opportunities for outdoor sports and physical activities. Therefore, be sure to get outside and enjoy the sites of nature this summer season.
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