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Kristen's Adventures as a minimalist, Barefoot and Vibram, runner Black Friday: Shopping kick or endorphin high? .... Do both?
 Posted By: Kristen Westlake
 Posted On: Nov 26 2010 7:36PM
Chilly Post Thanksgiving Day run ... Vibram Treks are still keeping my toes toasty!

Run Time: 45:24
Stopped Time: 0:00
Distance: 5.24 miles
Average: 8:39 /mile
Fastest Pace: 7:07 /mile
Climb: 33 feet
Calories: 494
Official Route: No
Notes: Bitterly cold wind today as we set off on a post Thanksgiving Day run. The run is 5.5 miles (tracked via car but my GPS now states it's 5.24 to 5.3). The open prairie of the country allows free reign for wind and today I remembered how winter running in high school was brutally strengthening both physically and mentally.
Yes, this loop was my maiden voyage running route. It even goes through the little town that is home to the Middle School I attended, where I beat all the boys and girls in the 600 yard race in 6th grade. I was told that my race time also beat all the girls and all but one boy in the Jr High as well. ... He had me by 1 second.
I always loved to run.
Today that feeling of being born to run, and all of it's freedom was with me.
As the first few miles warm me up, feeling slow as I break into a trot and then allowing my core to express whatever beauty wishes to exhibit forward.
I forgot a wind layer but the wind soon warms as my layers of fleece and smart wool base layerstrap and adapt my body heat to brave the wind and the 19 degree morning. On my legs are my trusty tights with smart wool long John's underneath. Oh!, and my Vibram leather Treks are warm enough still, providing wind shield and warmth to the heat that my feet give off.

a few miles warm up and then progressively feeling that freedom!

So every mile after the first two felt more and more strong, yet I still hold something in reserve... Which is good. I want to feel what it feels like to just run strong, feeling like I could run that way forever, not spending it all like I would in a race ... And then see what that translates to in time.
Every mile gets faster. The first is a warmup as is the second but the average mile after is progressively faster as I feel my own strength inside ... My core does it all as if I'm not using any muscles... I dance down onto my toes and fly forward, leading from the heart.

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