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BlogMotivated Moms
Hibernate or Activate
 Posted By:  Heather Nelson  | Posted In:  Motivated Moms
 Posted On:  Jan 25 2011 12:17PM, 2 Comments | Leave a Comment
It seems I find myself debating with me on a daily basis about this bout of bitter cold. I keep swaying to “hibernate”, “hibernate”, while in the backdrop, another part within me says, “Activate, Activate”. This week I found myself facing the same crux. St.....Read More
Waiting for Snow
 Posted By:  Heather Nelson  | Posted In:  Motivated Moms
 Posted On:  Jan 10 2011 11:02PM, 0 Comments | Leave a Comment
During the winter months, do you ever find yourself waiting for snow? I heard it was supposed to possibly snow 3-6 inches tonight. I feel like a little girl looking out the window again and again in search of Santa in the sky and Rudolph’s nose lighting up the night. I can’t help but res.....Read More
The Power of Parental Habits
 Posted By:  Heather Nelson  | Posted In:  Motivated Moms
 Posted On:  Jan 2 2011 8:38PM, 0 Comments | Leave a Comment
“Since habits become power, make them work with you and not against you.” - E. Stanley Jones I find myself tired. I am weary of a long year.; even with some good outcomes, it has had some very wearying details. Like the relentless nagging of dripping water from the kitchen sink wh.....Read More
Shoveling, Sledding, and Santa
 Posted By:  Heather Nelson  | Posted In:  Motivated Moms
 Posted On:  Dec 25 2010 8:05PM, 0 Comments | Leave a Comment
The day has come upon us quickly. How did it arrive so fast? In the wink of an eye, and the swirling of snow, we find ourselves celebrating the Christmas season, and it’s finale. However, the day is just the beginning. Following today will be houses filled with giggles and toys, and children .....Read More
Contentment At Christmastime
 Posted By:  Heather Nelson  | Posted In:  Motivated Moms
 Posted On:  Dec 17 2010 11:35PM, 0 Comments | Leave a Comment
In a season that can be filled with marketing and commercialization, it can be hard to find contentment. In a year where the “downturn in the economy” has been the talk of the town, where do you find your own internal gauge as Christmas is creeping it’s way towards your front door .....Read More
Should I Buy Bigger? More Bang-For-Your-Buck Children's Winter Gear
 Posted By:  Heather Nelson  | Posted In:  Motivated Moms
 Posted On:  Dec 9 2010 10:56AM, 0 Comments | Leave a Comment
Well, Motivated Mamas, it is that time of year; the snow has fallen and the kiddos are eager to be out in it. Maybe you are a pre-season shopper, or new arrival shopper, and some are more along the lines of, “oh my gosh, we need gloooovves”, and their children are temporarily layered w.....Read More
Focus to the Finish
 Posted By:  Heather Nelson  | Posted In:  Motivated Moms
 Posted On:  Dec 1 2010 10:49PM, 0 Comments | Leave a Comment
It was by what seemed happenstance at the time, but really was just the inevitable waiting to happen, that I discovered and experienced a very physical world example of the effects of the mental state. I just so happened to be taking my MOMent to do a bit of yoga in the morning. I had take.....Read More
Cheering on Motivated Children
 Posted By:  Heather Nelson  | Posted In:  Motivated Moms
 Posted On:  Nov 24 2010 2:33PM, 0 Comments | Leave a Comment
Let no one be fooled, our kiddos are highly motivated…It doesn’t matter if they’re riding, running, or making music. They are always on the move. We see it from the time our babies grow from crawlers to walkers, to tumblers. Now some take their steps cautiously, and others drive a.....Read More
Trot that Turkey off at Clear Water Outdoor's Turkey Trot
 Posted By:  Heather Nelson  | Posted In:  Motivated Moms
 Posted On:  Nov 18 2010 2:14PM, 0 Comments | Leave a Comment
It’s that Turkey time of year. Time when people pack on a few extra pounds. Unless…. Unless….you Trot it out and get turkified with Clear Water Outdoor’s Turkey Trot!!! You can even spend some time chasing down a non-caloric Turkey for a few discounts to save on some gear f.....Read More
Prego In Prana
 Posted By:  Heather Nelson  | Posted In:  Motivated Moms
 Posted On:  Nov 14 2010 9:23PM, 0 Comments | Leave a Comment
As those baby-bearing Bellies blossom into full bloom little kickers, comfort, practicality, and some fashion, for crying-out-loud, is a beautiful thing to us mamas. For me, the key thing in my pregnancy purchases, were pieces that I could wear through all the stages. When it was all said and done, .....Read More
Creatively Approaching the Crispy Cold Days with Children
 Posted By:  Heather Nelson  | Posted In:  Motivated Moms
 Posted On:  Nov 7 2010 7:15AM, 0 Comments | Leave a Comment
With each new blast of cold as a cruel reminder of more bitter days ensuing, I am still exploring this concept of acceptance and what I want my days to look like with my children. Shall we hide away in fear of the weather, or will we venture forth with more layers and a willingness to run around and.....Read More
Acceptance and the Reinvention of Self
 Posted By:  Heather Nelson  | Posted In:  Motivated Moms
 Posted On:  Nov 1 2010 9:16PM, 2 Comments | Leave a Comment
From all the mom’s I’ve spoken with, I have seen repeatedly this sense of tension where they are torn in all different directions, trying to prioritize and balance things, not only for their families, but find in there somewhere a shred of familiarity of who they were and what they expec.....Read More
Mom Is Out Dancing In The Rain
 Posted By:  Heather Nelson  | Posted In:  Motivated Moms
 Posted On:  Oct 24 2010 8:47AM, 2 Comments | Leave a Comment
Have you ever spent time dancing in the rain? It was raining out last night and I took a moment to stop and take it in. It has been awhile since I danced in the rain, and I began thinking afterward about all that we receive from being “in” the rain. Day by day, it is easy to get into the.....Read More
Fall Family Fitness
 Posted By:  Heather Nelson  | Posted In:  Motivated Moms
 Posted On:  Oct 17 2010 9:11AM, 4 Comments | Leave a Comment
Do you ever feel like life as a mom requires you to be a blurbologist, an ever-repetitive one-minute wonder woman, a non-stop ninja that sometimes just can’t kick high enough? In the midst of trying to rise early and stay up late, do you try to snag a small moment here and there that actually .....Read More
A Mom's Musings About Change
 Posted By:  Heather Nelson  | Posted In:  Motivated Moms
 Posted On:  Oct 10 2010 1:04AM, 2 Comments | Leave a Comment
What is it that strikes a melodic note in your hearts, moms? Sometimes I like to muse at the things we are taken with; lightening the load of life’s sometimes heavy resoundings. Other times I look around and find myself taken with the simplest things. The coo of a baby gazing into it's mother'.....Read More
Mom's Making Use of the Local Farmer's Market
 Posted By:  Heather Nelson  | Posted In:  Motivated Moms
 Posted On:  Oct 2 2010 11:02PM, 0 Comments | Leave a Comment
A fantastically colorful and ripe time of year, the fall exudes rich tones and the last of locally-grown outdoor flavors before the frozen time of year falls outside your doors in the color of white. These are the moments we can catch the last days of the local Farmer’s Markets and local Com.....Read More
Who Am I- A Mom In Bloom
 Posted By:  Heather Nelson  | Posted In:  Motivated Moms
 Posted On:  Sep 24 2010 9:18AM, 0 Comments | Leave a Comment
Who am I? I am motivation. I am drive. I am fear, and I am life. I am hope and I am dreaming. I am desperate and I am unseeming. I am peace and I am rest. I am the worst and I am the best. I am joy and I am sorrow. I am yesterday, I am tomorrow. I am today and I don’t know. I have to stay,.....Read More
Warding Off Winter Weight
 Posted By:  Heather Nelson  | Posted In:  Motivated Moms
 Posted On:  Sep 19 2010 12:20AM, 0 Comments | Leave a Comment
I have determined that I am not going to add a Fall 5 to my winter weight and my summer somethings. In an effort to maintain and increase my physical abilities and health throughout the end of 2010, I decided to spontaneously go for a sunset run. Consider it a kickoff to a season of harvest. S.....Read More
Fall Fun With The Family
 Posted By:  Heather Nelson  | Posted In:  Motivated Moms
 Posted On:  Sep 11 2010 11:53PM, 0 Comments | Leave a Comment
I still can’t believe how quickly summer has turned and we are breaking the layers out of the closet and armoires. Refusing to let go of the spirit of summer, and seeking to make the most of the days before blizzarding, I am left thinking of all the ways I can embrace the season of change. .....Read More
Mom's Juggling and Reflexes
 Posted By:  Heather Nelson  | Posted In:  Motivated Moms
 Posted On:  Sep 4 2010 10:59PM, 0 Comments | Leave a Comment
A mom’s ability to juggle does not always look like the skilled juggler at the local Renaissance Faire. But juggle, she does. She is a master of juggling, and if she refuses to be, or has many bumps in the head attempting, she will soon enough gain the skill. Why? Survival. After mont.....Read More
Family Facing's Life's Obstacles Side By Side
 Posted By:  Heather Nelson  | Posted In:  Motivated Moms
 Posted On:  Aug 29 2010 1:00AM, 0 Comments | Leave a Comment
Today, out in the country, I saw a white-haired couple hunched over, holding hands, coming down the stairs from the stoop of a local Bar-B-Que stop. They were not looking at each other, but walking steadily side-by-side. Their eyes and focus were on the stairs in front of them. They were aware of th.....Read More
Summer's End Adventures
 Posted By:  Heather Nelson  | Posted In:  Motivated Moms
 Posted On:  Aug 28 2010 4:02AM, 0 Comments | Leave a Comment
As summer sizzles out and September saunters in, there is many a parent hard-pressed not to be wishing those late August days would linger a little longer. Fall should never be the end of family fun, merely a transitioning of hue. So while we hesitantly let go of longer days, may we focus on mak.....Read More
Seasons of Cleansing
 Posted By:  Heather Nelson  | Posted In:  Motivated Moms
 Posted On:  Aug 23 2010 10:56PM, 0 Comments | Leave a Comment
Cleansing….washing away dirt, purifying the cluttered, jettisoning the unnecessary, burdensome, excess, making room for renewal, reinvention, and recreation, restoring to original condition or revealing something that has been covered over, tarnished, hidden or stifled. All things have thei.....Read More
Back to School
 Posted By:  Heather Nelson  | Posted In:  Motivated Moms
 Posted On:  Aug 21 2010 12:59AM, 0 Comments | Leave a Comment
It is that time and most everyone has bought school supplies or has been getting the last of school year gear. It is a season of change; new intellectual beginnings, fresh clothing, and familial transitions. Families and our children, from tots to teens to twenties, undergo transformations that .....Read More
Moms Celebrating Small Successes
 Posted By:  Heather Nelson  | Posted In:  Motivated Moms
 Posted On:  Aug 16 2010 12:42AM, 0 Comments | Leave a Comment
Goals reached, achieved, arrived at, should be celebrated no matter how big or small. Isn’t there a saying that the greatest victories are ultimately won from a single battle? . We’ve heard the mentioning of long-term versus short-term goals.... “Life can be pulled by goa.....Read More
Moms- Necessary Humor About Body Changes
 Posted By:  Heather Nelson  | Posted In:  Motivated Moms
 Posted On:  Aug 13 2010 6:05PM, 0 Comments | Leave a Comment
So I went to jump on this trampoline today…need I say more? As moms, there is something like this secret language; we need not complete a sentence and the other can finish it. What a great brief encounter with another mama this morning that just made me chuckle. We were separately ar.....Read More
Alive in the MOMent- Embracing TODAY
 Posted By:  Heather Nelson  | Posted In:  Motivated Moms
 Posted On:  Aug 7 2010 1:38PM, 0 Comments | Leave a Comment
Mustering up the energy for another day, I am well aware that this toil may be for years and years to come. Due to the uncertainty of life, I choose to rejoice TODAY; to seize it’s moments at their juicy ripeness and embrace all the opportunities that come my way. Plunging into the reality.....Read More
Strenth for Mom in Child Sickness
 Posted By:  Heather Nelson  | Posted In:  Motivated Moms
 Posted On:  Aug 6 2010 1:12AM, 1 Comments | Leave a Comment
Just turning that last corner to go to bed, I was about to get up, put the cell phone on the charger, and place books away, somewhat relieved after a long day that my prior obligations for the night fell to the wayside. I was ready for rest. The children fast asleep, I’m heading t.....Read More
MOM- Managing Overcommitment & Motivation
 Posted By:  Heather Nelson  | Posted In:  Motivated Moms
 Posted On:  Jul 31 2010 1:17PM, 0 Comments | Leave a Comment
Have you ever found a weekend where you were triple-booked without any bail out options? Do you find yourself trying to manage and balance professional commitments, family and friend gatherings, and necessary obligations, let alone embrace a MOMent for personal desires? As a mom it is easy to co.....Read More
Mom's Free Family Fitness MOMent
 Posted By:  Heather Nelson  | Posted In:  Motivated Moms
 Posted On:  Jul 26 2010 2:56PM, 0 Comments | Leave a Comment
Allow me to laugh at myself for a minute and indulge in sharing a story with you. I spontaneously embraced a fitness moment today with my youngest child while we were waiting out the duration of a family member’s appointment. First, I was texting, lol, about what to bring to an upcoming birthd.....Read More
Children's Summer Safety
 Posted By:  Heather Nelson  | Posted In:  Motivated Moms
 Posted On:  Jul 22 2010 2:26PM, 0 Comments | Leave a Comment
As the days sizzle on, one of the topics on our daily platter is summer safety. Some of the typical things to think about in the health of our children and ourselves is hydration, water safety, shelter, and skin protection. While the topic of safety is way too broad to touch on briefly, a basic .....Read More
Low-Cost Birthday Party Ideas
 Posted By:  Heather Nelson  | Posted In:  Motivated Moms
 Posted On:  Jul 17 2010 12:25PM, 2 Comments | Leave a Comment
Summer seems to be the season of celebrations. Suddenly three parties are scheduled simultaneously, and you are left forlorn as to how to make it to all three at the same time, let alone plan Junior’s party he is so eagerly awaiting! It’s time for IncrediMom to step to the plate and .....Read More
Mom's Time: Renovating the Body and Mind
 Posted By:  Heather Nelson  | Posted In:  Motivated Moms
 Posted On:  Jul 11 2010 3:59AM, 4 Comments | Leave a Comment
On the note of post-children body syndrome, some of us mom’s hesitate to get out in the sunshine and onto the water due to the excess baggage we may be carrying around the midline, yet, we long to take in the fresh air and re-sun our skin. It’s been approximately 8 years since I’.....Read More
Fueling Directed Passion
 Posted By:  Heather Nelson  | Posted In:  Motivated Moms
 Posted On:  Jul 8 2010 1:37AM, 3 Comments | Leave a Comment
“Is it the wind that moves the trees?” From “Obsession” – David Crowder Band What is it that fires you, fuels you, moves you? On a tired morning, to stir those embers to a raging flame, it takes more than a cup, or pot, of coffee, more than a venti with an e.....Read More
 Posted By:  Heather Nelson  | Posted In:  Motivated Moms
 Posted On:  Jun 28 2010 4:04PM, 6 Comments | Leave a Comment
What motivates you? What drives you? What is it that keeps you moving forward, pressing toward a goal each day? Is it singular or multi-faceted? Okay, so we are moms, and the truth is, it is likely in the norm of our consistently multifarious capacity, that we have many goals we want to accompli.....Read More
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