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BlogKristen's Adventures as a minimalist, Barefoot and Vibram, runner
First Snow Run of the Year and first Snow run ever in Vibram Five Fingers
 Posted By:  Kristen Westlake  | Posted In:  Running
 Posted On:  Dec 5 2010 11:54AM, 2 Comments | Leave a Comment
First snow run of the season and first snow run ever in Vibram Five Fingers ... oh, and a touch of barefoot too! I've been really really looking forward to the first big snow of the season ... sometimes the first snow takes the form of drizzle or freezing rain mixed with snow, but this snow .....Read More
Black Friday: Shopping kick or endorphin high? .... Do both?
 Posted By:  Kristen Westlake  | Posted In:  Running
 Posted On:  Nov 26 2010 7:36PM, 0 Comments | Leave a Comment
Chilly Post Thanksgiving Day run ... Vibram Treks are still keeping my toes toasty! Run Time: 45:24 Stopped Time: 0:00 Distance: 5.24 miles Average: 8:39 /mile Fastest Pace: 7:07 /mile Climb: 33 feet Calories: 494 Official Route: No Notes: Bitterly cold wind today as we .....Read More
Turkey Trot at Big Foot State Park, Race Course Recorded
 Posted By:  Kristen Westlake  | Posted In:  Running
 Posted On:  Nov 3 2010 6:47PM, 0 Comments | Leave a Comment
The race course for the 6th annual Turkey Trot 5K & 10K (sign up!) has been GPS plotted! For those of you interested in running the course prior to the Turkey Trot race: 1. Check out the course below (add to your GPS device to see yourself as you run it) and/ or 2. Run the course on Wednesday and Sa.....Read More
Tracking the Turkey Trot race course at Big Foot State Park, Lake Geneva
 Posted By:  Kristen Westlake  | Posted In:  Running
 Posted On:  Oct 23 2010 3:54PM, 0 Comments | Leave a Comment
The sixth annual Turkey Trot at the Big Foot Beach State Park is November 20. Hosted by the good folks at Clear Water Outdoor and Friends of Bigfoot, the "Trot" brought in over 500 runners to the event last year! The proceeds raised from The Big Foot Turkey Trot support the beautiful pa.....Read More
Pre - Turkey Trot Running Club, hosted by Clear Water Outdoor and Kristen Westlake
 Posted By:  Kristen Westlake  | Posted In:  Running
 Posted On:  Oct 17 2010 3:19PM, 0 Comments | Leave a Comment
Clear Water Outdoor sponsored Turkey Trot - 5K and 10K Trail Run The Turkey Trot 5 and 10K (register!) races are just weeks away. Clear Water Outdoor, Don Armour, and I are forming a Running Club dedicated to the Turkey Trot runners. Below is the schedule that we plan to follow. The goal is .....Read More
Transitioning Achilles Tendons to Run in Vibram Five Fingers Sprints and Sport Treks
 Posted By:  Kristen Westlake  | Posted In:  Running
 Posted On:  Oct 15 2010 7:45PM, 0 Comments | Leave a Comment
Vibram Five Fingers Sport Treks that I use to run the rocky trails in the Kettle Moraine State Forest. Transitioning to barefoot or Vibram running from the traditional running shoe involves some time. The number one requirement is Patience, especially true for those of us who are used to g.....Read More
Beginning's as a Minimalist - Running in Vibram Five Fingers
 Posted By:  Kristen Westlake  | Posted In:  Running
 Posted On:  Oct 8 2010 12:01PM, 1 Comments | Leave a Comment
Welcome to my Running Blog at Clear Water Outdoor! Though this is my first post on this particular blog I've been a blogger for quite some time... I've also been a runner for a long long time, 31 years to be exact! New to me has been the minimalist running style but embrace it I have! My firs.....Read More
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