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BlogDave's World
Earth Day Kayak Event
 Posted By:  David Schuster  | Posted In:  True Stories
 Posted On:  May 2 2010 9:53AM, 0 Comments | Leave a Comment
We just had our 4th Earth Day Kayak Demo, Trail Run, Tree Planting and Park Cleanup, at Big Foot Beach State Park. The organization of the event was great, thank you Laura and our entire team at Clear Water Outdoor. Thanks to the volunteers, they removed huge piles worth of garlic mustard and buck.....Read More
You Look Like a Girl in Those!
 Posted By:  David Schuster  | Posted In:  True Stories
 Posted On:  Feb 9 2010 5:31PM, 0 Comments | Leave a Comment
I love the Horny Toad motto, “Everyday is an adventure!” Today was a simple yet fine adventure and it all came down to feeling I got from a pair of sunglasses. I was planning the simple adventure of running two and a half miles to work by passing through the Big Foot Beach S.....Read More
Adventure Idea! Any Takers?
 Posted By:  David Schuster  | Posted In:  True Stories
 Posted On:  Feb 4 2010 4:11PM, 1 Comments | Leave a Comment
I'm considering a kayaking escape for the upper Midwest crowd, at the end of winter. I have done considerable amount of map looking, article reading, and web browsing to feel confident that if we shoot south from Wisconsin, we will get a good chance at a pleasant adventure. On the Gulf of Mexico, .....Read More
I've Got To Give Ice Fishing a Try...
 Posted By:  David Schuster  | Posted In:  True Stories
 Posted On:  Feb 4 2010 3:58PM, 0 Comments | Leave a Comment
I took my kids to check in on Cousin Tom and his team. We hadn’t seen him for too long and Uncle Stu had joined him for the event, so the kids and I went onto the ice to check out some ice fishing. The ice was very smooth and often clear, which can definitely give you the heebie-jeebies......Read More
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